5 Essential Elements of a Successful Job Advert

A hiring process requires copious amounts of time, manpower, and money. Reviewing tons of applications, making tons of phone calls, and setting up tons of interviews is intensely draining. You don’t want to have to do it any more than necessary. Finding the right candidate in a timely manner is the ideal outcome. A great job advert is the best tool you can use to cut right to the point. Marketing the position effectively will help you get it filled quickly, easily, and for the least amount of money.

1. Sell yourself to the candidate

Many candidates start to develop a lax attitude after they’ve been searching for a while. They start to feel like a job is a job, and all they care about is finding one. A discerning, talented candidate is looking for the right opportunity, and they’ve eager to find out where they can get it. When you post your advert, it’s your job to appeal to these candidates who have a thirst for a thriving career. Inspire people to seek employment with your company because it’s excellent – not just because it’s a steady paycheck.

2. Setting your company apart from competitors

You aren’t the only great company advertising a position, and the best candidates know that. They’re all looking for a clear mission statement and set of values. They want a company that’s on the cutting edge of what they do, and if they don’t see that in you, they’ll find it in your competitor. Outline the reasons why you’re different. How does the way you operate contrast against similar companies? What do you have to offer that they don’t? Lay it out in plain English.

3. An effective job description

The description means everything. You need to be careful when you outline what you’ll expect of the candidate that lands the job. Using fancy language may seem misleading to your candidates, immediately creating distrust. If you’ve interviewed your top choice and that person feels as though you’ve lied to them, they’re going to run right out the door. If your description is too vague, people won’t understand what you want from them. Using the right keywords and clearly listing your preferred qualifications means everyone will know that they’re getting into.

4. Reach a variety of candidates

You need your advert to be viewed by as many people as possible. Maximum exposure means maximum possibilities, and it only takes a few extra minutes to post your advert in as many places as you can. Advertise at colleges to reach graduating students who are looking to join the workforce. Post on job boards like Gumree to catch the general public. If you’re looking to find candidates with a specific set of skills, LinkedIn will help you find these unique individuals.

5. A clear timeline

Schedules mean a lot. If someone is looking to move to the area you operate in and is seeking employment there, they’ll apply for companies that respond in a timely manner. Within your advert, you should place your timeframe. How long are you accepting applications? At what point should applicants expect to hear back from you? When would you like to start interviewing? Knowing this timeframe can discourage candidates from applying for other positions while they wait. The good ones will be less likely to team up with other companies while they’re waiting for your phone call.

Creating the right job advert doesn’t take any more time than creating an inferior advert. Instead of recycling tired material you’ve used before or working from a generic template, create the right advert the first time.

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