5 Factors a Hiring Manager Should Not Ignore

5 Factors a hiring manager should not ignore when selecting candidates

Many small businesses depend on the expertise of their hiring managers when making crucial recruitment decisions on the company’s behalf. Although selecting the right candidate to fill a vacancy within a company can be demanding, certain factors exist that can help solidify and improve the candidate selection method. Listed below are five factors that hiring managers should not ignore when selecting applicants for an available position.  

1.    Past Experience

The most prominent indicator of a candidate's future potential is his or her past performance. If a candidate was highly motivated, hardworking, creative, and team-oriented throughout their last job, the same is highly likely to be true in his or her new role. Similarly, a candidate who lacked the energy and drive to surpass expectations in their prior role will oftentimes carry that same attitude toward performance into their new position. Of course, that is not to say that people cannot develop more productive habits and traits when working, only that it is often difficult to change these characteristics without hard work.

2.    Interpersonal Skills

Candidates that can create strong personal and professional relationships with their colleagues help to enhance the overall atmosphere at work.  Stronger relationships bolster communication amongst employees, and this leads to increased productivity and creativity. You want to hire people who abide by your company’s values, and also people who believe in your company’s vision and mission. When a candidate demonstrates that their personal goals align with the goals of your company, it shows their aptitude for the position. Furthermore, a candidate who already possesses an understanding and knowledge of the operations of your business will allow a more seamless transition into that role, helping to save time for both the employer and employee.

3.    Appreciation For The Position

Another key aspect to watch for when screening potential candidates is determining their appreciation for the position on offer. Someone who feels overqualified or underqualified for a position will not be able to deliver their best, thus impacting their overall productivity. The right person to higher is someone who feels that no task is above or below his or her standard. You want to higher someone who performs and approaches every aspect of their job with the same motivation, passion, and attitude that they demonstrated when they interviewed for the position.

4.    Firsthand Observation

Watching candidates perform some of the tasks for which you wish to hire them is the most reliable method of judging their competence. For this reason, an increasing number of companies today hire candidates on a temporary basis, in the hopes that the employee displays the necessary competence to perform adequately that position.

5.    A Fitting Personality

Regardless of how impressive a candidate’s resume is, if their personality does not match well with your team, then the decision has to be made if that person is right for the job. Qualification and experience mean nothing if the candidate cannot work well with others. Asking personal questions and background details will help you take a good peek into the applicant’s personality and help you decide if they are suitable for the position.

What did I miss?


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Comment by Keith D. Halperin on September 25, 2017 at 6:32pm

Thanks, Jeff. I cutthese down to two:

1) Are they competent?

2) Ar they likeable/tolerable/bearable?

If the HM can't say "yes" to both: don't hire them, and if s/he can't decide, ask more questions...


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