As the 9-5 slowly becomes another archaic piece of corporate traditions passed, employers are seeing a steady rise in the both the benefits of and demand for flex workers., a professional networking and recruiting site, recently produced an infographic, “The Top 5 Reasons Flex Workers Rock.” This emerging workforce brings some pretty awesome perks to the table for employers.

1) They’re Expanding

The number of part-time workers, telecommuters and independent contractors are all on the rise. Flexible work schedules that allow for a greater work-life balance are extremely attractive to workers for obvious reasons. Are employers taking advantage of this opportunity to extend business hours while satisfying their workers?

29% of full-time employees have flexible work schedules and 47% of them are freelancing full-time. Tweet this stat.

2) They Help Grow Your Business

It seems as though employers are indeed catching on. More are planning to welcome this emerging workforce into their organizations this year. With many organizations worried about meeting their talent needs year after year, leaders are learning to tap into these alternative resources to reach goals and keep their talent aligned with them.

40% of employers plan to hire temp workers this year, and 80% plan to increase their flexible workforce. Tweet this stat.

3) They Save You Money

If you’re on the fence about flex work, it could be helpful to see what leaders are saying about their own experience with flex workers. With the potential savings of full-time telecommuting reaching $20-37K per year, per employee, it might be an option worth investigating.

49% of employers reported savings, and 41% reported increased revenue. Tweet this stat.

4) They are More Available

Well duh right? However, some might not realize just how flexible today’s workers can be. Today’s tech tools and the commonality of cloud-based software allow workers more freedom from the workplace than ever before.

22% of freelancers dedicate 11-20 hours per week to freelance projects.

50% of freelancers work on 2-3 projects at a time.

34% of freelancers work on 1 project at a time.

Tweet these stats.

5) You Can Test Drive Them

When you consider that as much as 80% of employee turnover is due to bad hiring decisions, testing the waters before a hire is made makes a whole lot of business sense. Starting off with flex-work is a great way to avoid bad hiring decisions.

39% of temp workers will transition into full time jobs. Tweet this stat.

All this being said, companies still need effective tools to recruit flex workers. We would like to help you find the flex workers you need to drive organizational success.

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