5 Rules for Hiring the Right Tech Talent

Every successful project has one particular thing in common - dedicated team of professionals gathered around one vision. Getting the right crew to do the job is one of the solid guarantees that everything will go according to the plan without taking a bump or getting messed up.

However, that is easier said than done. In reality - hiring app developers is one of the biggest challenges any project faces. It is not that easy to find fitting specialist to develop certain element of the project. There many underwater stones to avoid. Combine that with gathering entire team. And don’t even start talking about getting them on the same page...  

Here five major rules that can help you to hire right tech talent and make your hiring process more precise and safe from fails.

1 Make detailed job description

The first step in finding the right men to do the job is relatively simple. You need to describe the position as precise as possible.

In order to pull this off - you need to provide as much information about the position and the company as possible. That will help candidate to understand whether he wants to work in the company and whether he fits the requirements.

If anything - that saving a lot of time and gives a way to those who really want to give it a try.

2 Try hands-on interview

Interview is a standard hiring practice. It is one of the cornerstones of the hiring process. While sets of questions are highly dependent on the requirements of the position - the gist of it remains the same. You need to talk to the man in order to get an understanding of what he or she is all about.

However, that is not always an effective method of assessing the qualities of the candidate. You know some people can talk their way through.

Because of that, experiential AKA hands-on interview is far more reasonable and effective way of assessing the candidate. Watching people performing tasks provides you with more information than simple verbal responses.

The method is simple, instead of just talking you test the candidate through sample work. Sometimes it can be a vertical slice test that covers the entirety of responsibilities on the position. In other cases it may be a demonstration of a particular key skill vital to effective operation on the position.

3 Add Workforce Diversity

Maintaining an effective team is one the major challenges for the company. One of the solutions can be making the team as diverse as possible.

Here’s how it works: inclusive team containing people of a various backgrounds is able to generate vastly different insights for a wide variety of problems. Thus - better results and even better tomorrow.

How to do that? Make your hiring profiles more flexible. For example, instead of demanding a full degree - require certain amount of de-facto work experience.

The reason - by making less strict requirements you will get an increased flow of candidates. That gives you more options to choose from and that provides a good background for overall consideration.

4 Two heads are better than one

Even if your HR-specialist is exoskeleton-wearing 7k EXP super trooper - it doesn’t mean that he’s safe from overlooking few things here and there. That’s a little thing about human attention - in the heat of the moment you tend to overlook some crucial details.

Because of that it is reasonable to keep a hiring team and conduct interviews in pairs. This approach helps to cover all base and allows to perform apt back and forth between hiring team and candidates. Together they will be able to notice more crucial information and that will result in a better

Together you will be able to notice any red flags while interviewing job candidates, and work together to choose the best person for the job.

5 Word of mouth helps

One of the most of easiest and yet effective ways of finding talent is through word of mouth. A simple phone call / e-mail to anyone trustworthy who might know someone great can be really helpful. It is especially handy when you need to fill the position in a short span of time.

While candidate still needs through and through consideration - at least you will get a recommended contact to work with. Which is already more than merely a subjective CV.

Also - getting a response from referrals is an easy way of building a picture of the candidate. Just call to a several places where he worked previously and ask a couple of questions about candidates time there.

In conclusion

There are many more important factors to consider while hiring a development team but these are the essentials. These tips will help you to find a better fitting candidates amongst sea of opportunities. Or at the very least you will save yourself from needless headache and misunderstandings.

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