5 Things Employers Should Know Before Hiring a Salesperson

Looking to hire your salesperson? Salespeople are essential for a business success and hiring one can be tricky. If you come across the right salesperson, you need to ensure you don’t lose them.

Note that salespeople are the sustenance of any business or company. However, for your company to flourish, you need to work with the perfect salespeople. A perfect salesperson is one who can hit targets, one who is persistent and can withstand rejection.

Even though different candidates have different strengths, there are key things that put them apart. If a candidate can demonstrate that they have the potential, you could consider hiring them.

Hiring the wrong salesperson could keep your company from hitting targets. John Craft, an academic adviser at best resume writing services states that “great salespeople are those who know how to sell themselves”

In this post, we share some key things you should know before hiring a salesperson.

Let’s learn those things!

1. Strengths and experience

First things first: You need to understand that the strengths of one candidate will not always be the same as the others. Different candidates have different experiences. To simplify your work, you need to create a detailed job description that will help you know what type of candidate you want.

2. If the candidate shows a sense of understanding, they could be the best for the job

A great salesperson is one who can understand customers, know what they want and make them feel valued. This is the only way a salesperson can gain customer’s trust and create a good relationship with them. He/she should be understanding and not judgmental. In this case, you need to look for a salesperson that shows empathy in that he/she can understand a prospect from a neutral point of view. A good salesperson is one that understands and can read their customers and be able to address their concerns.

3. The resume

The first thing that employers check is the resume before inviting a candidate for an interview. You need to read into their resume well. While there are important things that you should spot, some are just to be ignored. For instance, if you will judge a candidate on the basis of their profile picture you could be doing the wrong thing.

A great resume should showcase a candidate’s achievements. In this case, it should show the achievements backed up by numbers like sales revenue and sales volume.

4. Responsibility and assertiveness

Will the salesperson keep on blaming others when faced with problems? A great salesperson should be strong and take responsibilities. He/she should be able to ensure things don’t come to a standstill and when the worst happens, they should acknowledge the mistakes that have happened.

If the salesperson can solve things urgently and keep things going as well as accept criticism and not be defensive, they are the right individuals you should try to consider.

On assertiveness, a competent salesperson should know how to pursue a sale while at the same time avoiding making the customer feel pressured. Note that being too push can make the customer feel uncomfortable. You should observe the assertiveness and the confidence of the salesperson as this is the key to a good candidate.

5. Creativity and problem solving

A great salesperson is one who is creative. Handling customers need a sense of creativity. A salesperson that can come up with new ways to chase and retain a customer is the best to be considered. Note that creativity and problem-solving are essential when it comes to business growth and success. You need to look for a candidate who sees challenges as opportunities to learn new things.

To know if a candidate is creative, you may need to ask them about past challenges they experienced and how they overcame these challenges.

You should avoid gauging candidates on the basis of their certifications or degrees but look for one that can follow the core principles of discipline and commitment to growth.

Bonus thing: Persistence

In the sales world, rejections are must encounters and salespeople face rejection every now and then. One a rejection occurs, it makes many people feel frustrated and some may even resin from pursuing their interests since they feel that nothing can be done to make a change.

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