5 Traits a Solid Recruiter Has by Default

These are the 5 Essential Traits of a Successful Recruiter

Many think being a recruiter is easy. What a massive fallacy such assumption is! As far as landing a solid expert goes, an HR manager not only takes into consideration professional qualities, yet evaluates candidate’s personal traits, attitude, commitment, ability to learn, self-development and a bazillion of other factors (including a financial one) in order to fill in a vacant job opening with a consistent specialist.

Therefore, for all those who think being an expert recruiter is easy and those looking to embark upon a career in HR, this article will shed some light on the profession in general and qualities required to climb a career ladder in particular.            

You have to be a quite good listener

When on a job interview, some applicants might never want to shut their mouths bragging about how awesome they are. A good recruiter knows how to filter valuable information about a job-seeker from pure brag. Likewise, some applicants might never want to open their mouths to describe their expertise or talk personal qualities. A good recruiter knows how to speak such applicants up and sort out silent marbles from poor glume. And finally, an HR manager who is a good listener understands requirements of a client and hence knows what candidate will be the most suitable for this or that hirer.  

You have to be a remarkable salesperson

Not only an entrepreneur can close a sale, recruiters do it on a daily base as well. Knowing how to sell your HR services to a client looking for a staff addition is arts. Being aware of how to sell your client to a potential employee and depict it in the bright light so that an established professional might work for your client is top performing stun flying. Finally, knowing how to persuade a candidate to agree to a salary your client offers, which is sometimes smaller than an applicant wants, is a skill every decent marketer would kill for.

You must be confident and target-oriented

A recruiter with low self-esteem is a failure material. No candidate will want to work for someone who hires an underconfident recruiter to talk business. Insecurity raises doubts, anxiety raises the desire to apply to a different company where job interviews are fun and informative, not dull and mundane. Plus, people with low self-esteem are known to establish interpersonal relations harder and longer, which is in no away a positive addition to a recruiter’s resume.

You should be patient

Recruiting is like fishing, and a good fisherman knows to have a good command of patience and savoir vivre. When it comes to college graduates, even the greatest introvert (even a numb one) will land a person to work for the client’s business, but HR experts of that caliber don’t earn much. In the meantime, hiring a true professional is a difficult thing to do. Even if the salary is OK and working conditions are fine, an applicant might still be looking to turn down an offer. It’s like angling a shark, only a seasoned and patient (and extremely good) fisherman will succeed.

Finally, you have to be good with human psychology

Always mind your body language and facial expressions. A good recruiter wears a mask to each job interview. A great recruiter has a couple of masks in store to change during an interview, if anything goes off the plan. And an epic recruiter fetches a new mask each time he interviews a potential candidate. Problem solving, socializing and multi-tasking are three more psychological traits a devoted HR manager has. Looking forward to succeed as one? Make sure these five cornerstones are deeply embedded into your recruiter DNA.


About the Author:

Janet G. Brown is a dedicated (or at least he thinks of herself be one of them) HR brand manager and IT recruiter. Has a knack for blogging and helping students at Essaysape to improve writing skills and general competence with essays, articles and other papers. 

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