5 Unexpected Ways You're Sabotaging Your Own Productivity

Each day businesses assess and rate their productivity, always aiming to achieve a higher percentage or meet a different goal the following day. As a worker you might not have the best, most productive day of work every day, but reviewing a few of the unexpected ways that you can sabotage your own productivity will remind you how you can get the most done (and then hopefully use some of that vacation time you’ve been saving up).

Having the Wrong Tools/Too Many Tools

In our era, technology of some kind is necessary for most every career. If you are looking to maximize productivity, having the correct tools for the job is of the utmost importance. On the other hand, if you already have the right tools, there is no sense in reinventing the wheel. If there is a program already in existence or technology that will make your time spent at work more fluid, it will be a worthwhile investment.

Health and Hygiene

It can be easy to neglect your appearance and diet as you become busier throughout the week, but having good personal hygiene—as well as desk hygiene—will increase your productivity overall. Sitting all day and staring at a computer can take a toll on your body, which in turn compromises your productivity. Those who suffer from eye strain when looking at their screen should have an eye exam done by professionals, like those at All About Eyes, to see if they require vision correction. If your job keeps you confined to a desk all day, make it a priority to take breaks every few hours to take a short walk.


Set your own goals when you can. Instead of reaching for what is needed by the company, set a closer, more personal goal and work will feel more meaningful. Feeling fulfilled and important doing the work you do helps with productivity. Intrinsic motivators often work best.

Bad Boss

An incompetent supervisor leaves very little room for growth and productivity in the group. That being said, if a management figure is incredibly toxic, it might be time to start sending out resumes again. Respected bosses are incredibly important to improved productivity in the workplace.


Happiness is also integral to productivity. If there is little to no enjoyment in a job, workers are statistically far less productive as compared to workers that enjoyed what they were working on. This is yet another reason to have a job or career that at least moderately suits your lifestyle and personality, and that you can see yourself being able to do for a length of time.

Take the time to check back in with your mind and body and review ways that you could be sabotaging your own productivity. Having the right tools, staying healthy, keeping yourself accountable, working for someone you like and keeping a positive attitude are key. After all, it's your job.

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