5 Ways Video Conferencing Helps HR Teams Win

Looking for a way to lower attrition levels and encourage company-wide loyalty? Want to improve productivity levels among your employees? Here are some ways video conferencing can help make that happen:

 1. Attract Great Talent

According to B2B Marketing’s “6 Benefits of Video Conferencing,” one of the benefits that the technology offers to businesses is flexibility. It gives employees a chance to enjoy alternative work arrangements that allow them to telecommute or work offsite a few hours or days a week.

With video conferencing, companies can get access to highly qualified talent who might be more open to flexible arrangements instead of the traditional 9-to-5 setup. “To Raise Productivity, Let More Employees Work from Home” on the Harvard Business Review site cites the example of Jet Blue, a company that allows employees to work as far as three hours out of the office. They’re near enough to attend in-person team meetings from time to time but a great deal of their time is spent offsite.

This, the company says, made it possible for them to attract and hire mothers who had the skills they needed. By offering these mothers flexible work schedules, Jet Blue was able to hire the level of talent they required without compromising on their hiring goals and standards.

 2. Retain Long-Term Staff

In the next five years, your employees are going to go through changes in their lives. Some will get married, form established social lives and basically devote more of their time to further personal interests. If an employee relocates and daily commutes prove too taxing, you could end up losing a valuable member of your team.

Based on Inc.’s “4 Reasons Why Video Conferencing Can Save Your Startup Money,” offering work-from-home solutions—made possible with video—is one of the best ways to retain employees who have been with the company since Day 1. By offering flexible work solutions, one that takes their personal needs in consideration, you don’t just retain valuable talents—you also build employee loyalty.

With more and more people wanting to work from home, offering your team with telecommuting opportunities or flexible work arrangements gives you an edge over other companies.

 3. Source Global Hires

Video conferencing helps HR teams to hire talent from all over the world. Given the skills gap mentioned in the “Lack of Skilled Workers Threatens Economic Growth” from the U.S. News site, a number of companies find it tough to attract and hire qualified applicants for high-skilled positions.

With video conferencing though, it makes it easy for HR managers to reach out to other high-skilled workers from across the continent or from a different time zone and set up a series of job interviews until the right talent is hired. This keeps HR teams from limiting their search to local talent pools, ensuring they meet quality standards for their hires.

 4. Process Applications Faster

With about 65 to 75 percent of human communication being nonverbal, video is a major factor in helping HR teams process job applications faster. As one of today’s best online video conferencing, Blue Jeans offers cloud-based solutions that offer high definition video quality, a must in video interviews. This way, human resource specialists can work with contextual cues to help them determine if the applicant has the technical expertise and personality that make them a culture fit for the company.

With video, it’s easy to see if there’s a disconnect between what the applicant is saying and what his body language is telling you about. This way, hiring personnel won’t have to only rely on resumes and job interviews anymore to find the right person for the job. Video conferencing gives them the tools to improve, adjust and refine that process until it works on every level.

 5. More Training for Multiple Sites

Trainings can be incredibly time-consuming and expensive. In some cases, companies even fly their experts out to present onsite; these pros will spend the next 40 minutes doing a presentation and the eight hours after on a flight back home. With so much time spent on traveling, productivity often takes a hit. With video conferencing though, HR specialists are able to conduct employee trainings for any site minus the travel.

That means time for more sites as well as better employee reach. Since some video conferencing systems come with recording capabilities, your HR team can simply record the training and send a copy to anyone who didn’t make it, whether they were late or detained because of other pressing issues at work.

These are just 5 ways video conferencing solutions help human resource departments to get ahead in terms of attracting, retaining and hiring the best talent in the market. With so many features that address the needs of different HR departments and teams, video conferencing remains one of the best hiring tools out there that HR teams can effectively rely on.

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