IT Recruiting - The complicated web we weave!

IT Recruiting is one of the most complicated environments I have ever worked with. Largely it has to do with all the levels of employees needed and all the people and organizations involved with having someone start working....

Here are a few examples...

1.) Job boards- There are people, like myself, who work for a job board. We are all out there filtering through candidates and presenting them to different recruiters and companies
2.) Recruiting Agencies - There are a million recruiting agencies out there all with Recruiters. This is big business and if you do not like your boss or want to make more money, you open your own agency.
3.) Consultant Agencies - There are two types of consulting agencies. The ones that work with filling consulting jobs for national employees for only one job. The other is with the companies that hold the work visas of international employees. Both fill the same jobs but in one the employee can leave freely and in the other, the employee is held unless some other company sponsors their visa. Both flood the market.
4.) Individual Consultants- these are the people that are professional individual consultants. They sell themselves as a company and usually have very good websites.
5.) Inside/Corporate Recruiters - The goals of these people is to fill positions before the Recruiting Agencies do so they don't have to pay a commision
5.) The HR Manager - This is the person that tries to pull it all together and gets no respect. They usually have no earthly idea what the job description means or even what they are looking for. They need to perform miracles for the Hiring Managers and need to do it Yesterday.
6.) The Hiring Manager - this person is looking for a miracle worker that will work for very little money. They want someone that will fill every void that is not covered by all his other employees.

Here is the problem... All these people are congesting the system. It makes it hard to make a real connection because so many people have gotten in the way. There is so much information out there and so many people filtering it. Honestly, we all get frustrated with each other because it is hard to simply connect. The Internet has officially overloaded us that we can't weed through everything.

My solution, for your consideration, is this...

We need to get into more "Velvet Rope" Job Boards. They cater to a smaller group and the candidates can pick and choose who they want to work with. My company, Ready to Hire, has a business plan where the people on our job board are ONLY IT professionals who ONLY want to work with FULL TIME, PERMANENT work and we ONLY allow HIRING COMPANIES to use us. Now I bolded things to make a point. We are working with a select group of people and we are OK with that. I am not here to help everyone but rather, I am here to make honest connections for a select group. Another Example is that only works with big wigs.

I am making a call out there for others to do the same. Have a website for ONLY International candidates or ONLY for goat herders. We need to separate people so it is a faster way to get people hired. I don't need to talk to everyone, just the right ones.

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Comment by Gene Leshinsky on May 8, 2008 at 2:42pm
What kind of marketing budget do you think a niche site would need to have so that people would pay attention?


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