Today on Yahoo's homepage there is a link to an article by the Brazen Careerist, Penelope Trunk. For the most part, I can see her point of view on most subjects, however this article is just plain bizzaro world. I am a Gen X'er. I am 30 years old. I am the new regime. Her tips on the "new workplace etiquette" are going to get people f...

For example, she recommends:

2. Don't ask for time off, just take it.

When you need to leave work for a few hours or a few days, you don't need to ask for permission -- you're an adult, after all. Make sure your work is in good order and send an email to the relevant people letting them know you'll be gone.

This will seem discourteous to older people, who expect you to ask rather than tell. So be sure to give a reason why you're cutting out. People like to know they matter and where they stand.

I am sorry, but I am far from being an older person and I would be more than pissed if one of my employees just bolted without at least asking if it were ok. It's just common courtesy to make sure you at least run it by your boss before leaving. Unless you are the CEO, you should at least clear it.

Another one that really baffles me is:

9. Call people on the weekend for work.

With the Blackberry going where work has never gone before, it's no surprise that the lines between work and not-work are blurring. The people who grew up being super-connected don't differentiate between the workweek and the weekend, so they don't mind working over the weekend on bits and pieces leftover from the week.

Of course, this also means that people are going home early all week long at random intervals. The result is that the weekend is fair game for phone calls.

If your coworkers don't like being called on the weekend, they can tell you. But remind them that a flexible work schedule lets you put relationships first all the time, and a work schedule that cordons off five days a week for work and two days a week for a personal life means that the personal life takes a backseat every week of the year.

The best way to get a life is to stop being so rigid about the distinction between time for work and time for life.

Um, ok. If you have an emergency that can't wait, yes - call them. But just because you are sitting around obsessing about work, that doesn't mean your co-workers are. Even in a flexible work environment people are entitled to uninterrupted time with their families.

Like I said, usually I can at least see where Ms. Trunk is coming from on some of her unconventional wisdom, but this time, I think she's way off base.

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