8 things you oughta know about me...

so jeremy tagged me for this, the whole eight things you don't know bit, seems interesting since a lot of folks here may not know these assorted items...oh, but do pardon my salty language...but since all of you know how vulgar i am i suppose none of this will come as a surprise...

...and btw, not sure which eight to tag, so instead of gonna say same other 7 as jeremy's post (good list!) and perhaps add shally to that roster (was he on it?)

1) as a young child i loved acting, and i was the lead in "free to be you and me" at camp, my parents got to come up and see it, big deal, they smuggled in 'forbidden candy' and clever dad hid some in a flashlight but the horrible counselors of the 70's (dressed in high-leif-garret-shorts with bad 70's hair figured it out and took it all away...bastards...

2) i began painting and sculpting 'seriously' around age 13, actually taught art to junior high kids while i was still in high school, then went off and did a premed/bfa combo - but got into organic chem and hated that shit so bailed, and also hated my painting teachers so painted in my room only and switched to stone sculpture...stone is a subtractive and very deliberate medium, you must see what you're making long before you begin and turn your role in that of a removal process, taught me a lot, but then i finished, had a son way young (23) and sold out, got into fidelity capital markets as a trading assistant but still do creative stuff...secretly..

3) been to israel a bunch of times, lived there for a few months in high school...parents thought it was a real mind opening idea, living with the socialists on the kibbutzim and all of that...really i just worked all morning and then drank all afternoon and evening with the israelis...fun times...

4) my dog is blind. i spent thousands of dollars on treatment for her glaucoma and she now has a prosthetic in one eye and an edema in the other...they coulda just used thread to shut it for a few hundred bucks, but she's so pretty i couldn't bear to look at a gross eye thing so sprung for the fancy fake eye (few years ago)...

5) i was a very serious skateboarder in high school and won local competitions, street and shallow ramp.
5a) started my first business around skateboarding producing "skater comic magazine" at age 13, cost about 3 bucks to print, copy and staple and i sold it for 2 bucks through skateshops (things i've learned...)

6) i love my boys so much that i want to cry when i think about them getting older and pushing me back when i grab them for hugs and kisses (one is going into 8th, so those of you with kids totally get that)

7) i'm single, ladies...know anybody in boston? strip away the bullshit and all that matters is that she's whip smart, attractive and living here on earth and not floating above the ground...

8) i have some very dark secrets...but they ain't going up here!

...damn how i do ramble on...sorry...

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Comment by Suzy Tonini on August 3, 2007 at 6:17pm
Thanks Dave. Love my dog too and would probably do the same.


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