Company job sites: Good, Bad or indifferent

Most HR pro’s will tell you that the best way for you to get into their company is to apply via the company website. While this is the best way to be entered into their bottom-less pit of a database it is not (contrary to popular belief) the best way to get a job with that company. Just ask this candidate.

Understand that I have nothing against HR/Recruiters, in fact, some companies have great staffs that do excellent jobs, but most HR/Recruiters function as generalist (typically don’t know your field), have WAY TOO MANY JOBS to fill, and work with thankless managers who don’t understand the complexity of their jobs. So the fact that they can’t assist is more a function of how their company works more than anything else.

So when you find a company that you’re interested in and they have a current position open that seems to match your skills you are much better off using your network to connect directly into the company. Should that not be an available option then you should get in touch with a recruiter that works with the company and can provide you with a greater depth of information about the role, hiring process, etc., and if all that fails pick up the phone and call the company directly, but remember don’t just send it.

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Comment by Michael Carrillo on June 13, 2008 at 10:54am
I think you still need to apply to the company and be in their database. It will make it easier for the people you are connecting with at the company to then refer you. Many of the people you are looking to get in touch with connected with some kind of network ie: LinkedIn, Facebook etc. Of course you should continue to stay in touch with your favorite recruiters.
Comment by bill martineau on June 13, 2008 at 11:21am
The only potential positive that can come from being in their database is that you get hired for some job other than the one you applied for at the time. Since most candidates don’t get the job from their initial presentation, for which they are specifically qualified, why then would you believe they would get more/greater consideration for a different position? Unlike 3rd party recruiters most HR Recruiters aren’t trying to get to the heart of what candidates want (we do since we’re selling them on greater career opportunity). They are about the fit and the match today (their client is the manager ours our both the candidate & manager) and if the resume doesn’t scream “I’m the one” or “I do exactly what your looking for now” the likelihood that they ever receive a call is slim to none.

Simply put a candidates time and energy is better utilized finding ways around the easy path to nowhere.


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