I have candidates who try to make huge decisions about potential job opportunities in the first 5 seconds of hearing about the job. They aren’t sure if they want to move to North Carolina or they aren’t completely up-to-speed on a particular account. And then they decline being submitted for that opportunity. It doesn’t make sense to me. Why not get on the phone and talk about it? You may be wowed. You never know. I would give you the same advice.

Chances are, if you’re reading this and you work in the southeast, I have contacted you to see if you’d like my assistance in helping you fill positions at your organization. I might have left you several messages. I might have also sent you an email about it.

There are some times that I get you on the phone and you tell me that you don’t work with recruiters or that you’ve “got it covered” and I’m concerned that you might have misunderstood. What I am offering you is a free set of hands and eyes to direct source candidates for you. I’m not sure why you would turn that down.

In the event that you fall in love with the candidate, you can weigh the fee and the salary at that time. But don’t make the decision before you see what’s really out there. Use the resources you have.

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Comment by Noel Cocca on June 30, 2008 at 11:05am
Shannon, all I can say is EXACTLY! I remember a situation when a client contacted me (after many, many attempts to contact them) saying that they were desperate and needed help immediately as a position (surgeon in this case) had gone unfilled for so long that they may be losing certification for the service. I had a surgeon that was not only interested, and asking me to help him get a job at this facility, but had lived in this rural area before. I called the CEO, CFO, CMO, and all the physicians I could in the area, some tried to help. In the end, they "had it covered". I know they did not. I did not see them advertising anywhere they should have been, and my candidate said he does not respond directly to ads anyway. Long story short, when I called my candidate who was in the final stages of negotiating with another client, he said forget it, "if they are so closed minded that they can not see the value in what your were doing then that speaks ten fold to me as to how they run their business." Amen to that. Now I did help them, and did get them candidates, but they lost money and time, precious time.

Take a chance, talk to someone, see what they have to say! I am sure all recruiters can verify that even the most mundane job description can change, ten fold!, when the right candidate is presented, and likewise the client can change too, if they take the time to consider all options.


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