Things It Would Be Cool To See Change: GIGO, Money-Trails & Snake Oil, and Industry Awards Going To Colonels

a href="">In replying to another post this morning, I thought hey, I'd throw out some ideas of things that would be really cool to see move in a better direction through the remainder of 2008 and 2009:

a. Garbage in, Garbage out. If I have to sit through another run-of-the-mill, same-old/same-old stuff presentation again . . . I might wind up even going to less conferences than I already do! (Kennedy Info was awesome, but that's probably because we had new [or not new, but real & legitimate] faces keeping it real, like Joe Mcool, John Sumser, and Don Ramer.) You want progress? Then stop squashing our innovative thinkers the minute they challenge a blindly accepted Sacred Cow!

b. The Money Trail is vehemently protected, even if it's snake oil being sold. The minute I say the whole name-gen push is a hoax, I open myself up to people that will bash you personally for having the cajones to stand up for the truth.
[Please note I'm a huge believer and fan of firms that offer value-added competitive intel and candidate profiling (no, not 'pre-screening') . . . but commoditized name-gen is on its way out the door due to new technology, flat-out lack of results, and the fact we can hire someone in an emerging economy for pennies of what it costs on U.S. soil. Hey, I didn't make the global economy - I just benefit from it!]
[I don't know these guys personally, but by what I see them writing, I'd recommend contacting Jeff Weidner of HTC or Charles Hillman if you want exposure to winners who are redefining the game today.]

c. Most of our industry awards are a joke. Companies don't innovate; people do. Departments don't come up with game-changers; people do. Most of the companies that are really kicking *ss and taking names don't even remotely know who the judges are for these 'awards' . . . so they never have a shot. I see more awards going to the Colonels of the department instead of the recruiters that are in the trenches battling each day. Remember Leaders: Without our troops, we are nothing. Perhaps Recruiting Leaders could nominate their top performers instead of themselves - call me crazy, but that would be progress.

Sure, I could add more . . . but in my estimation, fix the above 3 problems and many of the remaining will largely melt away.

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