Candidates have many career choices these days, specifically high demand candidates. Many high end career savvy recruiters are engaging in a new type of relationship with their candidates, and the reality is that it makes perfect sense. Steven Covey said long ago, beginning with the end in mind was one of the 7 habits of highly effective people. Finding out what lights your candidate up and what they need to do to land and keep that right role is a way of being that is all too uncommon in recruiters today; however it is what the market wants and it is a shift savvy business minded recruiters will make. As the available candidate pool gets smaller and smaller, we need to think of creative out of the box ways to be candidate centric.

Consider what would be possible for the recruiting pipeline if a recruiter was also known as a career coach, or if they were affiliated with or had career coaches on staff. Consider the level of trust that would be present when the right opportunity surfaced for that candidate. Consider the possibility of having candidates be drawn to register on your company’s web site because on your web site they got a report or assessment back that served as a career coaching guide book.

The coaching profession is a fairly new one. CTI, Coaches Training Institute in San Rafael, CA has been training people in Co-Active coaching distinctions for the past ten years and they were one of the 1st professional coaching schools. The average person seeking Career Coaching shells out close to $2500.00 over 6 months to glean advice, counsel and coaching from their career coach. If a person is willing to invest in themselves and their development it says something about their commitment to excellence and that says something about their ambition level.

Sourcing passive candidates is critical and I say so is Marketing, and differentiating yourself from the sea of competition. Coaching might be a way to do that. If you are interested in finding out how to apply Co-Active coaching in your candidate process you can call me, take a course or buy a Co Active coaching book.

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Comment by Marc Trebels on July 10, 2008 at 10:03am
I agree with wat you write there, especially about diferentiating yourself and marketing towards passive clients. I do think coaching is one important way to do so. But maybe this should be an element that is always part of the process that we recruiters should use in our way to a succesfull placement anyway ? Also, were I'm based, the market is getting swamped with coaches or pretend-to-be-coaches, so that is maybe not the way here to be unique...
Comment by MikeB on July 10, 2008 at 3:23pm
I will always say that anything that gets the job done is great. I agree that coaching has a role. We do it with our candidates, however we are not coaches. It is an important part of our process to prepare (i.e. coach) the candidate to be successful in the interview process.


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