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I was introduced to a service last week:Go here or
Without completely throwing my services under the bus, I want to say that I think might be a good "Take it with a grain of Salt" or " You get what you pay for" type of service.
I value my time and the time I leverage through trading partners/split recruiters. More often than not, I would say that the time we spend (not just quantity, but quality) on helping companies grow their bottom line by adding top talent is worth far more than the 20-30% we charge. The long term return on investment and overall value for my clients FAR exceeds the upfront cost of the placement.
But, (you knew it was coming) there are 3or4 companies to every one of my best managers that will not pay fees (even contingency) over a certain price point. They just do not (cannot) see the value. All they can see is risk. It is our job to meet their need and change their perception of value, but meanwhile, why not give them the opportunity to see how the value of a contingency search can help them? I think the service may have that upside. The obvious downside is the chance that they may still never give us the chance to give them real value. If they get lucky, they may go to Dayak exclusively.

To me it cannot be a waste of time because, I will not devote a lot of my prime time to it. And why not make an extra deal or give a young budding recruiter the opportunity to break into the market place. All the while I am offering some level of service to clients that I would normally ignore.
I see it like a high end hotel offering a chain of small, travel motels. Everyone knows what they are getting and it allows some to have access to a service they wouldn't normally be able to.

Without building it up or poisoning the well, please have a look:
Decide for yourself and post some feedback for the benefit of the masses.

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Comment by Jerry Albright on July 28, 2008 at 3:54pm
I'll go on the record with this: I am absolutely NOT in favor of any firm/person/strategy/methodology/think tank/consortium/software tool/vendor or any other entity who use "Clients - pay lower fees!" as a selling point.

You see, James, as one of the "older crowd" I put a HIGH value on my time, knowledge and perspective within my field. I am not going to line up to "have a crack" at clients who see my fees as being too high. Competitors in that same space are Bounty Jobs.

The word "bounty" to me seems to suggest something along the lines of a "bird dog fee" that realtors and car salesmen use to use hoping to entice friends and neighbors to direct traffic to the payor.

Well - I'm not interested in the clients who do not value what I do. There are TONS of clients out there who see the true benefit in working with top recruiters. And top recruiters aren't out here working "for whatever you think we're worth"......

Just my 2 cents. (You asked for it!)

Good luck. But remember this. Clients who are driven to cut fee boards, etc. DO NOT value your service.
Comment by James, CPC on July 28, 2008 at 4:10pm
Thank you for your feedback. I do value your time, and appreciate you helping me. You share my concern exactly. I too work very hard for my top clients, and I'm really not interested in working scraps for scrap fees.

My only thought for a service like this would be if I had an assistant working this or if I casually worked this angle and landed an extra deal per month or every other month. Is it not better to have multiple streams of income even if it is MUCH lower.

Or is this my evil flesh giving in to the always coveted and rarely realized long shot deal?

It is a lower fee for a lower level of service. Would this not be a good alternative for your "source" companies... the ones who wouldn't do business with us anyways.

OR is it creating more competition for myself?
Comment by Slouch on July 28, 2008 at 4:14pm
See Jerry, I think this is the best way to promote your software. Now you just need to figure how to makes sure every recruiter who sees your name and your good comments realizes you are the guy behind VerbalSummary
Comment by Jerry Albright on July 28, 2008 at 4:19pm
We all have different levels of service James. Unfortunately (or fortunately) for me - I know of only one way to work. Or one main way. So looking at anything as a "bonus" or "place to just send your extra people" is not really an option when you look at it from a "what does that really mean" perspective.

Once you hit the "send" button - you are obligating yourself to do what you do once you've hit the button. For some - maybe that is wait for a month or so and send another email asking if they owe you anything yet! Kinda funny - but in some cases - not far from the truth. So for them - in my opinion - it's ALL a bounty.

When I introduce someone to a client I've done the very same work as I have for any client. FULLY discussed the opening with my candidate, uncovered any/all objections, overcame them, etc. No less work is done on "spinoff" clients or "bonus" job orders.

And the process continues. Just as I expect my candidates to always let me know what they're up to - I MUST be able to (as much as possible) tell them what is going on with their possibilitlies on my desk.

No less work. No less level of service to the client.

The work flow goes the same way from there forward as well. Scheduling the send out. Prepping. Debriefing. Following up. Offer time. Closing. Transition period. Onboarding. You know the drill.

So there you have it. No such thing as "bonus" placements in my world. It's all the same workload.


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