My Reply to a Discussion Regarding~"Disheartened Recruiters/Members of Linkedin" ~TiffinySmith-Esther~ 7/30/08

Dear ____

I feel the same way you do. I absolutely loved the "whole idea" of Linkedin professional networking and like you, I've accepted every invitation I've received, invited hundreds of recruiters (and others in our industry) to "please join my professional network on Linkedin." Most have accepted my invitation, some are "still pending," and no one has "declined" my invitation. I completely finished my profile at 100% two days ago, and it must have taken at least ten days (probably more) to finish the whole process.

Because I set my expectations too high (which I have a tendency to do...a LOT!~lol), I too have been somewhat "disheartened" during the whole process of getting oriented and affiliated with the site and members, and learning ways of using the site, etc., etc. Obviously, like yourself, I believed in the "guaranteed results" I had been hearing of for several years...and was also considering the fact that I would now have the ability to potentially contact, access, network with, network through, connect with, and even eventually share and work with the thousands and thousands of recruiting professionals, consultants, experts, and candidates in need of establish, maintain, and grow professional business relationships with many members who are in our industry...across the world, which is the reason my profile is very detailed, specific, honest, and thorough...explaining current projects working on, my backround and history, the knowledge, and talents I've aquired during my seventeen plus years of successful experience, and even including my most recent "career adventure" of starting my own firm! l was careful in all my writings and wording, making sure I had no spelling or grammatical errors, and making certain nothing I said (wrote) could potentially be misinterpreted or perceived wrongly by others...I wrote about best practices and told of where I've been, where I am now, and where I want to be...regarding my future career goals, basically allowing others to see "who I am."

My question today (for anyone) is: "Just exactly why, for who, and what did I do all that hard work for? Myself?" I certainly hope not! Additionally, I have also personally reached out with personalized letters and inmails, welcoming any and all advice, help, words of wisdom, and encouragement (all of which I desperately need at this stage and time of building my new firm), I have written excellent recommendations for others, asked many questions, probed, and prodded enough now to see that my previously expected results are simply "not a reality..."~Not yet at least! I have, however, been recommended by three of the most respected, successful professionals I know, and that is GREATLY APPRECIATED, but like yourself, I've receive no (zero) replies from anyone who is "genuinely" offering me any help or advice to aid in the growth of my new company, and as far as making solid "real" contacts, who I can trust and share specific candidates and client needs, job order specifics, projects, or obtain "split-fee" agreements and contracts with? There are a very select few...maybe a total of three?

I've come to realize that everybody is not like me...we are all different people with different backgrounds and environments, different dreams and goals, from different parts of the country and the world...So I will not expect anything anymore, and maybe now "good things" will start to happen! That is all I can hope and pray for...

I wish you all the best, and high success in all your career adventures! If you are ever in need of my assistance or help, I will respond accordingly...and do all I can to make sure your questions are answered and your specific needs are met.

That is my promise to ALL recruiters everywhere...not just the members of Linkedin.

Feel free to contact me any time! I look forward to it!

Warmest Regards,

Tiffiny Smith-Esther
President/Executive Recruiter
Smith-Esther (An Executive Recruiting Firm)
Shreveport, Louisiana 71106 (E-mail)

" Everything depends on GOD, but Everything depends on YOU!"~Unknown

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Comment by pam claughton on July 31, 2008 at 11:39am
What were the 'guaranteed results' that you heard about? I'm very curious what your expectations were for LinkedIn and how you've been using it. I may have some suggestions for you, depending on what you are hoping to do with LinkedIn. It's one of my favorite resources.

Comment by Tiffiny Smith-Esther on August 1, 2008 at 11:21am

Someone who was "acting as if" they wanted to consult me on how to use linked in as a tool for recruiting (which is my main interest), was actually soliciting a program I would have to PAY for and it would do nothing more than connect me directly to over 300,000 people...people I do not even remotely know or have a current interest in knowing...and it left me with a very bad feeling...long story...I told them to "take a hike..." However, just recently, several people have been teaching me how to use the TOOLS and resources I had heard about - to generate business - THAT was what I was interested in - NOT building a "huge network" full of "anonymous" faces! Please understand that I am very new to the whole "internet networking" thing...My "networking" was through going to "Marketing Plus" meetings and meeting people face to face, etc., until now. Just today I worked up enough nerve to ASK someone (again) to tell me the differences in endorsements, recommendations, and invitations, why they are there and what the purpose of that was...(I know that may sound stupid - please don't laugh)...but I now know and also know how to find the things I AM interested in on Linkedin - like searching candidates and posting job opportunities, research, and lots of recruiting training and discussions! Now that I know what it all means, I have a better understanding of why things are done the way they are...and that's a good thing for me! If you ever have time or want to "walk me through" and show me how to do specific things that will generate knowledge, training, or productivity, please let me know! I would love to be somehow "formally trained" on Linkedin. I "learn by doing" - am a "hands on" person - so I would welcome the opportunity! Thank you so much for your response and concern for my best interest. I appreciate it greatly. If I can ever do anything for you, please let me know as well. Hope to talk some time soon!

Comment by pam claughton on August 1, 2008 at 6:14pm
LinkedIn was confusing to me at first too. In fact I was introduced by a friend in sales, signed up and then ignored it for a year! I didn't 'get it' at all, and was deleting invites because I didn't know the people, instead of accepting and looking more closely at how to really use LinkedIn. Then I stumbled onto a post of Shally's actually, called 'How to be a Promiscuous Networker on LinkedIn and there were great suggestions there, such as connecting initially to some power networkers with big networks to quickly expand your own. I then took a more cautious approach as I wanted my network to be relevant to what I focus on and starting inviting people in that space that I knew or knew of. I really didn't send many invites at all, and don't send any, but I get a steady stream of them as I am pretty much an open networker, meaning I accept about 95% of invites. The other five percent I just archive, and its usually if there's something in their profile I don't like such as no information at all and the invite has no reason to connect and looks like a form.

For me, LinkedIn is a resource for candidate development, generating names and referrals. I pay a little extra, $50 a month for 10 inmails, and that's plenty, because usually I'll pick up the phone and call people. I also love the company data that you get by clicking on the company names and then it shows you patterns of where people came from before joining that company and where they go after, which helps in targeting other companies to recruit out of and also to pursue as clients.



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