Offers...what they are about may be changing soon

Over the last five to ten years many candidates have become very savvy when it comes to salary negotiations, and they understand that when a recruiter is talking with the company that it’s not just about the raw salary dollars, but the advantages of the overall package including everything from benefits, 401k contribution, vacation/PTO and even potential bonuses. However, after reading our last blog on inflation eating your raise and the fact that I’m sitting here watching “wall street” and hearing the phrase “greed is good…greed works” I can’t help but think that as my candidate’s continue to talk about it not being about the raw dollars that somewhere along the line there might begin to be a trend back the other way and it may just start being about the money again.

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Comment by Jim Durbin on August 7, 2008 at 9:36pm
I now run a small business, and my eyes are wide open. To your salary, add 15.3% for Social Security and Medicare. You only pay half of that as an employee, the company picks up the other half (which is still compensation).

Look at the cost of your Health Insurance if it went to COBRA. That's the real dollar cost of your insurance. Deduct your monthly premium, and that's what the company is paying. It increases double digits each year.

I hear people complaining about raises, but they don't know what they pay, with bonuses, commission, health insurance, gym memberships, HSA's, and company discounts.

If they knew, we'd have a much bigger uproar about healthcare costs, and a demand to bring them down. Or at least an appreciation for how little we get for the cost.
Comment by bill martineau on August 8, 2008 at 9:05am
Jim as a business owner I hear you, and concur. But you and I both know how it works for candidates....if they're feeling a financial pinch they'll either get their money from their employer or start looking around. Unfortunately more companies don't provide a summary of their employees complete compensation including all the bells and whistles as it would make them more aware of what they are really receiving for all of their hard work.


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