Since when did it become unacceptable to have pride in one's country!?!?!?

Alright, it's 2am and I'm watching the men's volleyball game between Venezuela and the USA, and I just read this question on LinkedIn: What do you think about NBC's decision to delay broadcasting the opening ceremonies to the Olympic Games by 12 Hours?

Some guy responded with this:
"As with most media in the U.S., it is very self-serving ($), which was the only reason for the delayed broadcast. As long as the majority of viewers were blocked from seeing it until Prime Access and Prime Time, then they could charge their advertisers the maximum rates (for the most expensive day part). People in the U.S. with satellite, or who lived by a border could see the ceremonies live, or repeated in the morning (and without all the American flag waving)." WTH????

He continued on with this:
"...And then the Olympics will be covered with less patriotic fervor, and perhaps Americans will be able to see the world's best athletes when they don't happen to be from the U.S."

Less patriotic fervor?? Oh please - every country in the world with athletes in the Games is cheering for their people. Why should we be any different?

Let me ask here, as I know there are many countries represented on this site: are you excited to cheer for your country's athletes in the Olympics? Be honest.

So, why is it so wrong for Americans to be excited about our athletes? Everyone else is for theirs...

I am happy to wave my little American flag and cheer and shout from my recliner because I'm proud of the country I live in and the athletes who are competing representing the United States. As a young swimmer I once had an Olympic dream myself, but seeing the happiness in the eyes of these athletes who made it makes me feel so proud of them. They worked hard enough to realize their dream, and I'm not supposed to get excited about that for them? Whatever.

I hope all of you wave little flags during the Olympics for your own countries. There is absolutely nothing wrong with showing some patriotism. Sheesh!

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Comment by David Jacks on August 10, 2008 at 1:46pm
I agree 100% with you - of course I’m rooting for America and though you didn't mention what country this person was from, he probably is an American and if so one of the worst sort - an anti-America one.


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