I'm a fan of the neo-necon. She's a psychotherapist who was raised as Democrat but swung to the centre-right. So, she's not voting for Obama.

The other day, she analyzed his body posture. I initially said that her comments were the product of pure bias but she challenged my opinion so I had a second look and think that it might be of interest to us as recruiters.

What’s up with Obama’s head tilt?
in conversation and interviews, Obama seems to have a perpetual head tilt

a head tilt to the side gives the message that the listener is intent on hearing what the speaker is saying. It reads as “open-minded, concerned, caring.”

these are characteristics of Obama’s that have impressed people from his earliest community organizing and law school days...

But a President is much more than a listener.... A President needs to take stands and to make decisions....

Neo does bring in knowledge of Obama's career but isn't she saying here that the persistent tilt of Obama's head disqualifies him for a leadership role -- because it means that he's a people-pleaser who lacks the guts to take decisive action?

Is she an incisive critic or has she gone too far? If someone has a pronounced way of holding himself physically, can we draw some bold conclusions about his fundamental mental disposition.

Would you venture to make this kind of judgement on a candidate?

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Comment by pam claughton on August 21, 2008 at 7:37pm
Maybe it's just that his neck hurts? :) Body language is interesting stuff, but I don't think it's conclusive. It could just be a quirk that doesn't mean anything at all.


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