An administrative assistant has a lot of responsibilities. Some of the business office procedures are internet research, web design and maintaining published articles, setting appointments and attending meetings, legal transcribing and paralegal, filing, computer programming, are graphic artists, create advertisement campaigns, do inventory, accounting, bookkeeping,, filing, background checks, tracing, analysis, proof reading and run errands. This totals a busy day at an office. This is what is known as an executive secretary today and it can be a good income. This type of career requires you to dress and act professional at all times and the ideal candidates are those with at least a few years of clerical experience and certifications in various fields, usually within the same company and even a Bachelors degree, they must type fast and have excellent grammar, they must work quietly, friendly and be liked by the business owner. An administrative assistant might also be in charge of the employee interviewing process and has a good understanding of how the business is run. The type of successful businesses that choose to use an administrative assistant are usually small to medium size with less than 200 employees and use reliable administrative assistants to downsize employees. Most administrative assistants do not start this way but usually work their way up.

It is what a lot of women feel they must do in order to make a good income and get the benefits they need. It can be a hard job but rewarding. An administrative assistant is always doing something, must be detail oriented and always have a smile. At the end of the day, your feet are tired and all you want to do is rest but it can also be rewarding. An administrative assistant must be a self starter, that is know what to do and just get working. A boss does not like to show you how to do something and expects you to understand how the office should be run.

It can be hard to know how to reward a good administrative assistant. Do you fall into this category? If you do then you are the luckiest of all.

A business owner can benefit significantly when they become an independent loan representative. Doing this allows them to assist customers with loans and loan approval. Many people view loan production a thing of the past, or someone that you send to a professional broker only, or that loans are only for families who want to buy a home but all this is not true. Businesses that offer credit and their own loans also end up turning customers away. Having the ability to represent different loan programs can be beneficial to a business owner in more than one way. For instance, a construction company could enhance their business through their own loan department because it is a much faster process and would provide additional income and additional service to clients. There's much more profit. There are commercial loans for investors and Realtors are able to get those listings to show clients. Architects that are Realtors can enhance their companies production level because they know what to look for when it comes to finding the right land for designing the right projects. A paralegal would be able to assist the law firm and an attorney and there's many other opportunities for this type of service.

In order to become a loan representative at the job you would have to understand the process. There is some training required and if you are one of those fortunate administrative assistants you just might be lucky enough to be an agent in the bosses down line at the job.

THIS IS REWARDING because today if you were a Realtor agent/loan agent for yourself then you would have to get your own clients, face a sour real estate market every few years, not have any company benefits, no hourly income wages and be drifting from day to day if you don't sell anything. Becoming a loan representative for a business is the biggest reward you could ever get.

You would be a fool to throw a good job away. Why not make the most of Real estate agent licensing, and first and loan agency for the company you already work for?

If you work for a boss that might let you do this then your boss could double his profits very quickly. The truth is some people are greedy and don't want to see others get ahead, but they don't want to lose a good thing either. They don't need an employee telling them what to do. It's true that some people are just mean and like to bring others down because they are snobs and think they are better than every one else. Look, they admit it and it's not fair.

Employees that leave their job for some pie in the sky are irresponsible and vain themselves. They should just cope with the fact that they were not born with a silver spoon in their mouth and move on, be glad that they have a job and a roof over their head. If this is you, you are fortunate, even if you aren't one of the wealthy people. You are surviving so be happy and don't make more of it than you need to. Show respect.. Women too, a lot of you think that the money and home you got from the divorce makes you smarter than everyone else and better. That's stupid and you should show more respect to those who see life differently. Believe it, you aren't what you drive and all the flattery in the world will not change it. That's the shallow end of the stick but it doesn't have to be this way.

Here's an idea for those who want to share, who want equal rights, who want to work together in a peaceful environment, where there's no discrimination and where every one can benefit from each other.


For bosses/business owners to recruit their administrative assistants to become loan agents for their company. Realtor services to the business owner as the business owner can draw income from their agent down line.

Are you an employee at an administrative level and you can define that this company you work for would benefit from this type of advancement skill? Your boss can become a loan agent and recruit you into his/her down line and you would both make additional income. You would be able to work under a brokerage and there are no loan production quotas to fulfill so if the idea doesn't work there is no loss. Mention this to your boss, even recruit your boss into your down line if you can.

This type of administrative assistance is self supporting and creates a good reputation with the public. This company trains agents and offers mentor ship, support, underwriting and processing. This means you don't have to leave the office and you have direct communication with brokerage management to ensure that each loan application is done properly. A member agent can start at entry level and become a professional loan producer in a very short time when they put forth the effort. This is not a work at home job because you will never get any where unless you work at it. We all know that they don't work. This opportunity is for serious people who want to save money and build new skills. This is an opportunity for professional minded people and all business professionals. Instead of other brokers agents making thousands of dollars on commissions from your business and hard work, it would just go right back into your pocket, and this is only fair.

Mention this idea to your boss, seriously. Becoming a loan representative is something that any resourceful person should do. This type of opportunity is available and those who use it are wise, gain control over their businesses interests and they will find true fulfillment.

A greedy world that always tries to be ahead of each other. A world like this will fall apart eventually.

Admit to your self that it's a good idea to become an independent loan agent and allow it to work for you. You can learn how to quickly provide loan representation and loan assistance to clients and the complete loan process.
This is a great way to make a substantial residual income, have control, gain momentum and help others while doing it.

If you want to learn more about this idea please send me an email and mention Loan agent opportunity in the subject line or call toll free for more information and a free consultation. I think we should all agree that it's time to move on and gain more independence in today's financial world. If you are a business owner/boss or an administrative assistant and you would like to know how to provide loan production and representation to your clients then please inquire with me for details.

I am a loan agent representative and loan agent recruiter for a brokerage that provides a matrix of bank lenders, lending options, appraisers, title companies and all real estate servicing companies.

Are you a nice BOSS? You have the opportunity to show your favorite employees this.

Do you want your boss to recognize your resourcefulness? Mention this idea.

Contact Christine K. at

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Comment by Christine on September 19, 2008 at 1:57pm
Some loans that are not bias are construction/take over, land, Reverse mortgages, Short sale, Consolidation as an alternative to bankruptcy, Assumption loans, VA loans for the veterans that will return to us, FHA approved loans, HUD purchase with 3% down, first time home buyers options, Student Loans,home repair, co op loans, dual agency, loans for those in the divorce process and those loans based on equity and commercial loans apply to income properties, projects and payment take over options just to name a few.
Business clients may fall into other categories depending on what type of business it is.
Comment by Jason Babyak on September 19, 2008 at 2:47pm
What does this have to do with recruiting?
Comment by pam claughton on September 19, 2008 at 3:11pm
Jason, I was wondering the same thing. This post seems out of place here, very odd.


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