so as i sat, surrounded by the most creative genius i have ever met... i felt my vocal chords freeze... as the overwhelming sensation of energy free flowed all around me... the loud one.. yes, me... unable to speak as i absorbed the thoughts and mentalities of some of the most successful people i have ever met...

as the day continued, the ongoing jokes of "gps systems" seemed to drive laughter as one of the funniest gals entertained with her take on the new trend found in everyone's cars... and as i listened and chuckled, my mind started trailing off into the distance... what is your personal navigation system? do you have your own personalized gps? not to be taken literally... the question is not whether you have a system installed in our car, but in your heart? do you know the direction you are going? do you take another path, or do you listen to your inner gps?

as i have started my quest for a new career... i have had some of the best opportunities come my way... but until recently, not one really felt right..

the others "were alternate directions" on my "personal navigation system"... sure, the paycheck would be more than i have imagined.. the responsibility would be great... the challenges i would be faced with would be exhilerating, the awards given would be wonderful, the travel would be empowering.. but were those the directions that would lead me to where i want to be? and where was i going? how was i going to get there? why could i not just make it easy on myself and plug in the end place and follow the standard directions? why was i not trusting of these directions? why did they not feel right? why did i feel like i was losing myself as i was being told which was the "right" direction to take? why could i not jump on the opportunities that were in front of me? the opportunities i thought i had always dreamed of were finally coming to fruition, so why, oh why, did they not feel right?

this brought a very difficult task for the inner me.

so my question is this.... do you follow your directions, or the directions of others? are you on a path that is true to you so that you have the opportunity to unleash the real and genuine you... and make a difference in the world? how can you make a difference? how can you touch the lives of others while living your own? do you work in a job where the undeniable you can be present? do you weigh this as a priority? or do you relish the corporate and mandated ways to make it easier... if so, why? is it less scary for you to follow the standards of others?

with all of the discussions of "UCL", we often hear the standard "to live where ever i want", "to work from the beach", to "travel as i please", and "high autonomy"... but when you really define your UCL do you include your heart and mind? do you place presendence on catering to your soul? do you think about what feeds your growth? do you delve deep into yourself when you make these dreams reality? do you ponder how you can make the world a better place? do you think about how you can help others?

i spent some time recently with people that have really taken the time to define their UCL. they have really reflected on their being and the contributions they can make to their own personal growth, and the growth of others... they not only talk about these, but they place much weight on how to inspire others and how they can (and do) make a difference in the world they live in. true to you, true to themselves. successful and brilliant thinkers, generous and gracious. full of life and energy. limitless minds... all sharing one common ground and belief "to be the change they wish to see in the world". this profound quote rules their lives. do they judge you on your wealth and title? no. do they treat you as a foreigner to their inner circle of success? no. but what they do is the opposite. embracing what you want, and can do.... how can they help you? and others? how can their success translate into the lives of others, how they paint the world pretty with their hearts and passion for others.

this has helped me reiterate to myself the direction that i must take. this has made the reflection of myself seem less distorted.

my challenge... to everyone... think about your "personal GPS". where are you going? are you listening to others, or yourself? remember, you may get lost listening to yourself, but only finding your way will help you in the end; though scary to be in an unfamiliar place, though easy to ask for those directions, though profund when you find you.

have a great and meaningful day. go find you and turn off the GPS... follow your heart and mind. allow you to be you. and be proud... thank you for reading my thoughts, as scattered and unorganized as they are.

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Comment by Tektree Gopi on September 22, 2008 at 11:05pm
Perfect Headlines...
Good Post...
Actually your headline tickled me to read your blog., it's really a nice post in a way you are mentioning that people should follow their own path. One way I feel it's right, but just was thinking can't we use other's experience as well by listening to others.
I feel it should be in a balance way., use the GPS(listening to other's) to Unknown Place
and you don't need a GPS in your neighbourhood.



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