Kiss my tuchas hiring managers, HR and recruiters!

First it was strange job descriptions written by ignorant people (I'm being kind here; the comments were far more direct). Now, there are new comments about a follow-up post by the same author.

So without any editorials from me, a few of the more, ahem, insightful comments:

When my manager posts a job, she always asks for far more than she will accept. Recently she posted for a pc tech position and listed a 4 year degree, certifications, and so many years of experience. None of our existing techs could have met her requirements, and we immediately rejected as overqualified anyone who did. It was ridiculous.

So for all those folks who think that a degree or cert mean they are akin to a tech God - get real!!!

That is one of the reasons I always sent a copy of my resume to the department as well as to the HR people. Most of the time when I got the interview it was because the department people saw that I was qualified for the job while the HR people didn't have a clue as to what the department was talking about.

I'm firmly convinced that job descriptions are written to specifically eliminate ALL applicants so that the hiring manager can turn around and hire an H1B.

For example, I am an IT Auditor and IT Security professional. I have 5 certifications, all of which each require a minimum of 7-10 years. So I've come across specs that say," CISA required" or "CISSP required" and then the spec says 2-3 years experience. You cannot get any of these certifications with less than 7-10 years of experience in the aggregate of domains. What the sub-text message really is: We want someone who is certified, i.e. has the 7-10 years of experience, BUT we only want to pay you like a junior worker, so that you will work for half of what you are really worth. That's the message LOUD AND CLEAR.

It's been my experience that hiring managers consistently fail to put in an adequate investment of their time to ensure that the job description accurately reflects their needs. This is no small problem - it's rampant and aided by recruiters who, drowning in a sea of open positions for which they are recruiting, pass along the manager's job description with nary an overview.

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