Being that this is my first post on this site, figured I had to give a brief run through of who I am and where I am from, not tomention what I am doing now. So here goes.....

Had been running my own graphic design firm for the past 20 somewhat years, hiring anf firing and doing the gamut required to be successful. I became friendly with a client of my husbands, Robert Model who had an executive recruiting firm. Bob had an interesting idea and needed someone to implement his ideas bringing them to fruition, so in I stepped. Upon working with him for more then 3 years, the product kept changing and changing without really developing into the full potential that had been intended. One day, being totally frustrated, we dismantled the company.

I went back to doing graphic design work (mostly private label packaging for Costco, BJ's and WalMart). People had tried to get me to work for them on-site and close up my shop, which I was not willing to do, not to mention I would ahve to uprrot my family and move to the mid-west. They were more interested in having me work for them full time then having my firm do the work offsite. I found myself recruiting and placing people into positions for these other companies. While I was being compensated for these placements, along with being the Principle of my own design firm, I found myself working incredibly long hours and starting to feel the "drain". Having 3 children at home that ranged in age at the time from 4 to 10 I was waaay overworked.

I had lunch with a friend of mine who at the time was starting her own new home based business. It was selling a line of health and wellness products that she really loved. She gave me a sample of skin care and I loved it too. I ended up signing up for the discount card. When others noticed my skin I told them about the products and then they purchased them as well. You can imagine my surprise when I got my first check from this company! It was not too shabby either! What had ultimately happened is I inadvertently started a new business for myself without much effort.

Now I have a team of people who were recruited (some I have never met before) and now doing the business. I am making money from having duplicated my efforts with those other people. I can honestly say that I am now living the life that my family has only dreamed of and have financial freedom that all the "other stuff" I had done and continue to do is just because I enjoy it, not because I have to work for a living! The company just opened the doors to Canada and Australia, so watch out Canadians and Aussies cause here I come!

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