Meet Tiffany Peery, Senior Technical Recruiter at Intel, Part 1

By Dave Mendoza, Master Cybersleuth, Affiliate Partner, JobMachine Inc. (720) 733-2022

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Tiffany Peery is a Senior Technical Recruiter at Intel’s Chandler, Arizona facility. With over eight years of recruitment excellence, she has cultivated engineering expertise within the semiconductor market as well as experience within the Health Care Industry.

I have corresponded with Tiffany over the last three years when she originally worked at Intel. To this day, my former Staffing Manager o Americas, Bill Fulton, Bill (BK) Fulton and I would have a good natured, tussle over who would take credit for what was then our top secret, Mission Impossible operation in ninja uniform which whisked her away from Intel to join Freescale Semiconductor. It is good when people have contention over who takes credit for a quality hire as had been the case for Tiffany. It’s good to be appreciated, and given her reputation as a full cycle engineering recruiter her expertise in developing passive talent pools it is no surprise her services are in demand. Recently, several of Freescale’s most talented recruiters and management have transitioned to greener pastures. Not long after Bill, ‘BK, the legend’ Fulton left to Fender, my friend Valerie took a hiatus, and Tiffany has had the distinction of having Intel knock on her door again.

Tiffany Peery is a talent well armed in the War for Talent. She is responsible for identifying top talent for a growing Analog, Mixed Signal and Power Division, as well as supporting a Sensor and Actuator Solutions Division. Her primary niche is in the hiring of Senior Design Engineers and Leadership in Power Management (low power, high voltage), Analog - Audio/Video/Auto/Standard, Applications Engineers or Product Definers, Product Engineers, Test Engineers, Program Managers and Product Marketers. In addition, she formerly supported Zigbee and Microcontroller Division. Tiffany has been exposed to exceptionally cutting edge areas of semiconductor with a particular emphasis in Automotive, Power Management, DC/DC converter, audio, video, POL (point of load), display, mobile, hand held, sensors, inertial, proximity, MEMS, radar, 77Ghz, sensing, program manager, circuit, Integrated Circuit, packaging, RF, radio frequency, quality, acoustic, and pressure sensors.

Additionally, she developed training modules presentations throughout the entire organization (including special training presentations for Freescale’s EMEA and APAC region staffing teams) on specialized areas of staffing, i.e., the Passive vs. The Active Candidate, Advanced Sourcing Techniques, Advanced Sourcing Tools, and Executive Level Recruitment.

Her high technology expertise is just one facet to Tiffany’s multi-tasking capabilities, she is first and foremost a mother to “two amazing (but WILD) little boys.” Her son, Wyatt is 3 and Chase just turned 18 months. One of the General Managers she supported just realized the ages of my boys and his first reaction: “..And you find time to RECRUIT?” Her answer of course: “Yes!!! I find plenty of ways to balance work and life, and I couldn’t live without my boys or my work. I definitely know the meaning of busy though!”

Q& A with Tiffany Peery, Senior Technical Recruiter at Intel

Six Degrees: Tell us of your home world Tiffany.

Tiffany: My passion is wake boarding. You show me a lake and a boat – and I will be on the water. Winter, spring, summer or fall. I used to have to share boards with some of the crew I went boarding with. Finally I realized it was time to start investing in my own gear. I love the sport and want my boys to follow in my footsteps. And I wasn’t kidding about winter. We’d be on the water at 5am in December – In a dry suit of course…but it was definitely worth the pain of numb feet for hours! J

I recently did some volunteer work for Habitat for Humanity. I spent a day building “walls” for 9 homes for families here in Arizona. Some might think that impossible when they see all the blond hair and painted nails. I’m definitely a “tough chick” though! There isn’t just one charity I could commit to though. There are so many great causes out there. I tend to just jump on those that land in my lap! I have volunteered for the Phoenix Children’s Hospital, Child Crisis Center, and St. Mary’s Food bank this past year. There is definitely something to be said for serving those in need.

Six Degrees: How did you get started as a recruiter?

Tiffany: I’ve been recruiting in the semiconductor industry for about 8 years. I got pulled in to Intel by a friend who knew my personality and my drive…and now, there isn’t another career path I would have rather taken.

One of my peers in a “previous life” had a strong IT background…we were both working in the healthcare industry though. He left for a management position at Intel, and tracked me down a few months later to Lure me away from my leadership role over a small account management team. I worked with Intel on 3 contracts – helping manage their contract labor, contingent workforce suppliers, and recruitment efforts. I eventually moved over to their larger staffing organization and supported all the hiring for their “New Business Initiatives”. I ramped up all the ‘start up’ groups within Intel. I supported an RFID team, an Integrated Voltage Regulator Operation, a High End Optical products group, etc. It was very challenging and rewarding. I formed a great partnership with the GM of that business and we managed to fund and staff more than 15 incubator businesses before Freescale lured me away. (I actually got a random call from you, Dave Mendoza…which got the ball rolling!) Freescale hired me to support their Analog, Mixed Signal and Power Division, the Sensor and Actuator Solutions Division and their Microcontroller Group.

I primarily focus on design engineers, product development and test engineering and the entire front end piece…before the product hits manufacturing. It’s a very similar function I served in at Intel. I enjoy the technology and love the business leaders I’m able to partner with. In between a few of my Intel contracts, I also did short term contracting to small companies in need of mass hiring in a relatively short period of time. I enjoyed ramping up their businesses; meeting their hiring targets and watching them ultimately achieve their business goals.

Six Degrees: What single event had the most impact on your sourcing/recruiting career?

Tiffany: I’m not sure I can say that one single event
truly changed my life. I will say that the transition from Intel to Freescale was a huge eye opener for me. It was about the time I came over that I realized just how much I had learned about sourcing and truly tapping into the ultimate PASSIVE candidate. I was able to document all of the great things I’d learned over the years and passed it on to Freescale’s GLOBAL staffing team. It was great to hear that I taught even a senior recruiter something new. We all have such unique ideas and abilities…and it’s critical we take the time to do some knowledge sharing. We called them B.K.M.’s…. Intel acronym that will stay with me forever. Best Known Methods. You may have it, I may need it. Let’s all speak up and share!

Six Degrees: Tell me about your position, responsibilities, size of your staffing organization

Tiffany: During my time at Intel, I served in a lead capacity over about 16 recruiters, both contract and regular full time staff. I hired my own contingent staff to support my business needs during high volume periods as well. I took pride in the fact that I found and trained someone with zero recruiting experience and to this day, she has become a great technical resource and continues to impress her clients in the semiconductor industry. At one point, Intel had 75+ onsite recruiters..and there were times we got down to 30.
During my time at Freescale, I served primarily in an “individual contributor role”. In October of 2007, Freescale underwent a huge reorganization and I was asked to lead the RF, Analog and Sensor Group. I was also tasked with hiring additional recruitment and administrative staff to help grow this business. We have a great team headquartered in Phoenix, AZ – Where the SVP, and 3 GM’s for this business group all sit. We have some major challenges ahead for 2008, but we all have the energy and commitment to succeed! Right now, we have a recruiter staff of about 11, supporting all our US hires.

Six Degrees: Have you been active in the staffing industry outside work hours, speaking at events, where you have you represented your company?

Tiffany: I was invited to speak at a ‘Women for Hire’ event in Houston, Texas in 2006. I was truly in awe of some of the amazing women that attended and presented at this event. There is no doubt in my mind that there is a large pool of highly talented and successful women in every industry. As recruiters it is our job to seek out and build a truly unique and diverse workforce. I presented on behalf of Intel Corporation and truly felt it was an honor to be doing so. I spent my 30 minutes detailing why Intel was such a great place to work and at the same time, reinforcing the fact that Intel hires more than just Engineers. I happened to be 8 months pregnant at the time, so it helped to me highlight some of the amazing benefits Intel had to offer women in the work place. I was thrilled that my 30 minutes in front of this group generated a larger amount of traffic to our hiring booth and I know several of the women that attended that event were subsequently hired by Intel. In my mind, it’s critical to be networking at such events, but it’s even that much greater a reward when you get a hire out of the deal!

I look forward to engaging in more events like this, but as many of you know, recruiting is not an 8 hour a day job. I definitely need to find more time to network at these and other industry sponsored events though!

Recommendations For Tiffany Peery

“Tiffany has been a great addition to the Freescale staffing team. She has outstanding sourcing knowledge, and is always willing to share best practices with the team. I enjoy her desire to help the rest of the team become more efficient recruiters. She has increased the abilities of several of the team based on her knowledge sharing. It is a pleasure having her on the team.” May 23, 2007
Bill Fulton, Staffing Manager for the Americas, Freescale Semiconductor

“When I recommended we hire Tiffany I knew that it would be the right decision. She has proven to be a very valuable asset to our global staffing team. Her expert skills in sourcing and in finding/assessing and utilizing new and innovative tools, as well as identifying top passive talent, has been advantageous to the business group clients we support. She shares her knowledge and expertise and is always open to collaborating with and supporting other team members in areas they need to gain more strength in. Tiffany’s confident demeanor and technical acumen in the semiconductor industry have also proven to be significant factors in her professional success. I would highly recommend Tiffany for any senior sourcing/recruiting role where it is imperative to identify, attract and manage passive top talent.” July 22, 2007
Valerie Scarsellato, Talent Sourcing Specialist/Sr. Recruiter, Freescale Semiconductor

“Tiffany is one of the most talented recruiters I have worked with. She has a wealth of knowledge in both recruiting and the semiconductor industry. She has taught me and our team many new tools and search functions that I was not aware of. I have had the pleasure of working with Tiffany on a few projects and was always impressed with her input. Her quick wits along with her passion in recruiting makes her a huge asset to Freescale!” May 23, 2007
Kal Luben, Corporate Recruiter, Freescale Semiconductor

“Tiffany is a recruiter that I strive to be like. Her tremendous knowledge of the business, search techniques and love of the hunt and win are some of the few things that makes her great at what she does. Tiffany never hesitates to get involved in difficult projects and has shown herself to be a leader at each step. The bottom line is Tiffany is an awesome recruiter and sourcer.” May 23, 2007
Lance Mooney, Talent Specialist/Sr. Recruiter, Freescale Semiconductor

“Tiffany’s work ethic and breadth of recruiting knowledge is a great asset to have on any team. She’s eager to get the job done and willing to do what it takes for customer satisfaction. Tiffany gets results! I’d endorse her to anyone.” March 29, 2006
Jim Krontz, Technical Recruiter

“Tiffany is great to work with. Aggressive and professional in finding the right people with skill sets. Very trustworthy and great asset for any organization.” Top qualities: Expert, On Time, High Integrity. February 8, 2007.
Sayeed Anam, Technical Recruiter, Intel Corporation

“Tiffany’s recruiting abilities are unsurpassed. The managers Tiffany supported had complete confidence in her skills and continuously commended her on her ability to quickly ramp on a project, rapidly gain a thorough knowledge of the technical requirements of a job req, and her professionalism; it was a pleasure to work with her!” January 4, 2008
Kristin Dagg, Technical Recruiter, Intel Corporation

“Tiffany is one of the most passionate and honest technical recruiter I have ever worked with. She is effective in her methods and knows how to turn even the most difficult situation into a solid win for the company. I would rely on Tiffany for any challenge put in front of me, she has a positive attitude and would be an asset to any company that was lucky enough to have her.” December 6, 2006
Danielle Lammi, Staffing Consultant, Intel Corporation

“Tiffany has the ability and know how to develop a win - win solution no matter what the challenge is. Her work ethic, leadership and desire to be the best at what she does is a valuable asset to any team and organization. Tiffany gets results!” April 21, 2006
Marcus Walton, Contract Recruiter at Yahoo

“Tiffany is an excellent recruiter who goes out of her way to make sure her clients are being taken care of. Her determination and love for her job make her a well rounded individual. I highly recommend Tiffany as she would make a great asset to any corporation.” August 17, 2007
Jason J. Hamel, Strategic Account Manager, IR Epi Services

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