Meet Moises Lopez, Chief Sourcing Strategist for CSG, Part 1

By Dave Mendoza, Master Cybersleuth, Affiliate Partner, JobMachine Inc. (720) 733-2022

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Meet my friend, Moises Lopez, a sourcing guru’s guru. Does that make sense? It would if you knew him, but in the everyday world. he is the consummate gentleman’s gentleman. He is passionate about his craft, with the care a chef gives to each ingredient, our friend is diligent about his boolean strings, and his excitement reaches fever pitch if he walks into a room of fellow sourcers much like walking into Wrigley Field would instill in the heart of a baseball fan. The perfect passive resume is the crowd’s cheer in the ear of our celebrated friend.

Now, don’t underestimate the lack of familiarity perhaps in the initials M.L. Moises is absolutely well established in his expertise in our circles as fellow cybersleuths and above all among his customers as a veteran of over 15 years in the staffing industry, but this past year he has stepped out into the public realm of fellow gurus who long ago embraced him as one of their own and he is smiling like my son gleaming that xbox under the Christmas tree the midnight hour of Christmas eve - the day has come to celebrate the wizard of Texas.

Moises is the Chief Sourcing Strategist for Consulting Solutions Group ( CSG ), he brings a proven and well documented track record of success and exceptional sourcing performance. Moises delivers powerful and lasting results to companies of all sizes with proven solutions in the areas of recruiter training, recruiting strategy design and implementation, sourcing, recruitment process, and much more.

Q&A with Moises, Sourcing Expert

Six Degrees: Tell us of your home world Moises.

MOISES: I am a sketch artist. My grandfather traveled through the Americas and Europe setting up on parks to sell his paintings. My fondest childhood memories are that of sitting in his studio with a smaller easel paining along side of him. I inherited from him his love of art and developed it into a love for sketching portraits.

I have a 14yr old son named Chris, who is my best friend.

Six Degrees: How many years as a recruiter?

MOISES: I have been in the recruitment industry for over 15 years.

Six Degrees: Detail your position, responsibilities, size of your staffing organization:

MOISES: “I just started my new position. As part of my current responsibilities I manage all sourcing activities for Solutions Consulting Group. This encompasses all candidate generation activities. I’ve established a sourcing team which is responsible for data mining, developing leads, generating and screening of candidates through the utilization of creative sourcing techniques. The sourcing team creates, and maintains pipelines of applicable candidates, and presents to senior recruiters responsible for specific requisitions.

I am a passionate sourcer, avid networker and technology enthusiast and blogger with a growing network of personal & professional contacts

In my last position at PDS, I trained over 90 sourcers and recruiters on advanced internet recruiting techniques and strategies spanning 27 branch offices across the country.”

Six Degrees: How did you get started as a recruiter?

MOISES: “As a lot of us have, I stumbled into recruitment by accident. I was a call center manager for a financial consulting firm. The firm was dependent of a tax credit program, when funding for the program was scarce the company downsized and I found myself unemployed. During this period I spent a lot of time at the public library. I decided that I wanted to look at the possibility of starting my own business. I found a book on how to “Start your own Staffing Company” After reviewing the book, I prepare some brochures and faxed them to four companies. One of them called me and signed a contract.

Needless to say I didn’t know what I was doing nor did I have a budget to spend on advertising. I found ways to explore the internet and find people. Initially I did rather well with gopher. I didn’t know it then but thru trial and error I discovered a lot of search techniques and tools that people pay a lot of money for, and since then I have developed them into an expertise.”

Six Degrees: What single event had the most impact on your sourcing/recruiting career?

MOISES: “Being able to start in the industry without any prior knowledge forced me to have an open mind new concepts and to learn quickly. Starting without a budget for advertising forced me to be creative. Those early acquired skills are still the skills that to this day are crucial to my professional development.”

Six Degrees: List/detail speaking events, awards, publications, where you have you represented your company?

MOISES: “Besides authoring my own blog which represents PDS as well I have been contributing author at where I focused on sourcing content. I also had the privilege and honor to sit in a panel of experts at SourceCon, the first ever Global Sourcing Conference, where we discussed sourcing ethics as they related to phone vs. Internet sourcing as critical recruiting functions. Also thru SourceCon, I was asked to be co-editor along side of Amybeth Hale to guide the content of yet another fist, the first ever global online newsletter. Under direction of some of the industry’s luminaries we are working to introduce some well deserving sourcers who may not have had high visibility yet have a willingness to share of their experience. We are looking forward to do having the newsletter serve as a central point for knowledge sharing.

I’m beginning in the next few weeks with your very own Denver Tech Center Technical Recruiter’s network, Dave which I am thrilled to participate in. I have already a several invitations for 2008, and we will just have to wait to add them to the list. Until then looks like you and i will be sharing buffalo burgers soon”

Recommendations For Moises

“Moises Lopez shows a wealth of excellence with his knowledge of major job boards and sourcing techniques. Being the PDS Sourcing Manager he displays dedication and responsible for building a pro-active pipeline of qualified candidates for the experienced PDS Recruiting Teams nationwide. Moises works closely with the Branch Managers and Recruiters - training, developing and executing tactical sourcing strategies aimed at generating candidate flow that meets the diversity, gender, skill requirements and overall recruiting goals for all PDS branches nationwide and PDS National Recruiting team @ corporate. As a professional he receives and carries out directions and prioritizes the client’s needs from the PDS Recruiting Account Executives and the PDS Recruiting Director – displaying his commitment to the quality/value of results, open communication and privacy/confidentiality issues. Also executes PDS’s sourcing strategy priorities to provide high-quality experienced candidates to the Recruiters. He displays excellent internal and external sourcing options through benchmarking. Moises is excellent with people, as a trainer, mentor, and manager also as liaise with branch managers, recruiters and other sourcing team members to develop and implement creative sourcing strategies. He utilizes the PDS Applicant Data Tracking Systems (SS) to track candidates and job order workflows. Always, maintaining a constant and steady focus on the marketplace and report market intelligence. Working with him I have noticed he is a wealth of information, such as the PDS structure, client structures, business strategies, and job description clarification, with an immediate understanding, way beyond the basics. He definitely is an added plus to PDS and can deals with issues that can deviate substantially from the norm. Daily, I have recognized his excellent customer service, problem-solving, teaming, and knowledge-sharing skills. Also, as a person he is top of the line…very proud to recommend him! Moises Lopez = “Wealth of Business and Personal Skills”” May 27, 2007
Matilda Ann Ford, Sr. Recruiter, PDS Technical Services

“Moises is the man, I started to call him the sourcing sorcerer because he can cast internet spells that make hard to find candidates appear magically. He likes to say we can all do what he does he’s probably right I’ll get back to you in twenty to thirty years and let you know how it worked out. Moises is also a great person and very generous with his time.” October 11, 2007
Ian Ferreira,, Recruiter, PDS Technical Services

“Moises is one of the most intellectually astute people I’ve ever had the opportunity of meeting with. His integrity and desire for sourcing and research is matched only by very few. He’s by far one of the nicest and good hearted individuals I’ve ever had the pleasure of spending time with and anyone familiar with his work knows that there is a plethora of knowledge to be learned from him. It was my pleasure meeting with you at SourceCon.” September 17, 2007
Michael Notaro, Associate Director, The Horizon Group

“Moises is in charge of our sourcing team at our Corporate office in TX. He has trained me on sourcing techniques that have proven to be very benficial in my career with PDS so far. He is a professional who knows his business inside and out. His excitement for what he does radiates throughout his presentations. I am very lucky to work with someone like Moises. He is honest and hardworking and I look forward to further trainings with him.” August 27, 2007
Heather Barrett, Technical Recruiter, PDS Technical Services

“Moises is a very customer service driven person. He is also a wonderful sourcer. Moises pays attention to every detail and makes sure that the customer has everything they need. He is a delight to work with. Moises had to step in on some projects working with me. He had never worked with our company and he stepped in and did not miss a beat. If he did not know the answer to something, he found out and followed up immediately. I would work with Moises every single day if I could. He is amazing and I have a lot of respect for Moises and what he does. I highly recommend Moises Lopez.” June 21, 2007
Katie Mendez, Contract Staffing Specialist, Diebold Election Systems

“Moises is probably one of the strongest and invaluable mentors I have had the opportunity to work with in my career. Moises’ knowledge of sourcing, talent acquisition and his leadership skills are extremely invaluable and are most appreciated by all he comes into contact with on a day-to-day basis. He is an exceptional leader who is responsive and approaches all challenges with a proactive attitude. Moises displays the uncanny ability to communicate and deliver his message tailored to suit any audience! Moises is a tremendous asset to the PDS organization. His input and suggestions, which he offers without hesitation, consistently make one want to be a business partner to him and he will always steer you in the right direction. Moises possesses the ability to make others want to follow him, regardless of the direction he may be headed because you know that he will always deliver results and make great things happen. I always welcome the opportunity to learn from Moises and I am confident that he always has the PDS organization and my best interest at heart when he offers advice or solutions.” May 31, 2007
Kimberly Toche, Branch Manager, PDS Maritime Services

“Moises has an awesome amount of knowledge on internet and company sourcing. He trained my office and was very helpful in assisting the recruiters in my office be more effective in their non traditional sourcing as well as creative ideas for the account managers to source companies for marketing efforts. He is a pleasure to work with!” April 23, 2007
Autumn Sorenson, Technical Recruiter, PDS Technical Services

“Moises Lopez is a very knowledgeable Sourcing Manager. He has greater knowledge in other areas, as well. He is a strong leader and does whatever it takes to get the job done. He is a great asset to PDS Technical Services.” April 17, 2007
Cynthia Perry, Administrator, PDS Technical Service

“Moises, was very sincere in helping me take the first step toward the career of my dreams. He is a seasoned telephone names sourcer and recruiter who finds awesome candidates for hard to fill positions. He is very active in mentoring and advising professionals in the recruiting industry. Moises is most definitely a valuable asset to any network or organization!” March 13, 2007
Laurie Battle (LION), Sourcing Specialist, Straightsource

“Moises is a consummate professional. His extensive knowledge of sourcing and recruiting makes him invaluable to the organization. Moises is also an exceptional mentor, trainer and manager of others. His passion for his profession is evident in the success he achieves daily. It is a distinct pleasure to work with Moises for his personality and delivery of expectations that have significantly impacted our bottom line.” March 13, 2007
Scott Mottern, Director, Human Resources, PDS Technical Services, Inc.

“Working with Moises for the past year has been a joy. Moises is above all a dedicated individual. He pours everything he has into accomplishing the best final outcome possible on any and every project. An innovative thinker, he has brought to light many new avenues in which to source potential candidates and increase my network. He strives for excellence from himself and his team members and proves that honesty and reliability are the backbone of this industry.” January 17, 2007
Laura Rico LION, Recruiter, PDS Technical Services

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