Facebook “F8” Sends Ripples Into The Job Search Space

LinkedIn, MySpace, Craigslist, Google Base, and anyone else in the classifieds biz should take note. If you haven’t been using Facebook lately, whether you are a job hunter or a recruiter, then you have been missing out on one of the biggest events in the online classifieds space in a while. Facebook recently launched Marketplace, a classifieds system that allows for you to post and share jobs (and other classifieds) via your profile and personal news feed (that goes out to anyone who you are connected with). Listings are searchable through a Craigslist style interface as well.

Perhaps the most compelling feature is that a recruiter can post jobs to Marketplace, then people from the same organization can share the (recruiter’s) jobs to their own profile. This means that employees within the organization are directly involved with recruitment efforts.

Don’t expect Marketplace to replace Craigslist, or your local classifieds any time soon, but it has already seen more success than the classifieds system on MySpace and Google Base. One element of it that caught my attention was the fact that Marketplace is integrated with the Facebook friends news feed. For example, if you post an ad for a job then anyone who you are connected with will see it when they log in. I guess this could be annoying if everyone in your network were to start posting items, but I’m definitely fond of how it works for now. I have received a fair response, but expect to see more with time.

You may have also heard about the Facebook “F8” conference that took place last week in San Francisco. Facebook used this conference to get the word out about their new initiative that will allow for third party applications to be run via the Facebook platform. For more on this you may want to read this post from Valleywag, and do some reading on your own.

I the Jobster announcement that they had a partnership with Facebook regarding jobs. Given current events, I’m not sure what that was all about. Maybe it was just hype. Either way, the launch of Facebook Marketplace is sending ripples into the job search space. This can’t be good for Jobster, or for the folks over at LinkedIn who have been receiving a lot of negative PR lately. The appearance would be that Jobster, like many others, is trying to latch onto the coattails of Facebook.

Jobster does deserve some credit for incorporating a LinkedIn and email account contact import tool into the Jobster platform. I tried it out and despite a few hiccups, the system worked fairly well. The people who I invited to connect with me there have been largely receptive. If Jobster make some strides in the area of usability and make navigation a little more intuitive then I think they will win some cool points.

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