“The New Water Cooler, “RecruitingBlogs.com Triples to 3,000 in One Month

By Dave Mendoza, Master Cybersleuth, an Affiliate Partner, JobMachine Inc.
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Amazing things are happening in the recruitment blogosphere. Back in 2004 a Canadian by the name of Jason Davis had recently sold his own staffing enterprise within the semiconductor niche. He decided he wanted to have fun and explore domains and social networking. He paid a substantial sum to purchase the domain name, Recruiting.com.

In buying the domain name, Recruiting.com, Jason saw an opportunity, his wife saw a ... 'substantial sum.' They expressed their opinions to each other. Two years later, Jason Davis developed his fledging idea of a social networking community for recruiters within a "Digg" type format which inevitably became one of the first, if not thee first, interactive recruitment blog portal of its kind. It attracted uniquely entertaining and informative 'blog personalities' - a unique creation in its time that has continued in the world wide renown personaes of Recruiting Animal, Shally Steckerl, and launched my own contributions. Jason Davis and Dennis Smith in fact were among the first to broadly communicate updates on my blog's development - back when I was an untested author depending on email to post.

Two years later, the volume of traffic increased, sponsors took notice, and prospective buyers serenaded Jason. The site was purchased by Jobster, thereby allowing Jason to make good on his instincts and satisfying all at his Toronto homestead with the residuals. A new editor sat in the virtual chair, John Sumser himself, and everyone wondered what Jason would do next. Could Jason Davis be merely satisfied with drinking a nice port in Jamaica?

10 months ago, Jason started his latest venture ... RecruitingBlogs.com on a ning-based platform. Recruiters had a means now to pose questions to each other on sourcing methods, staffing strategies and whether certain recruitment software or ATS systems where better than others. They had widgets to create their own blog in less than 5 minutes, throwing the complexity of blog development into the past. Recruiters could upload their favorite music and YouTube videos providing another layer of individual personality to their profiles and their "My Page" blogs. Recruiters even had a means to develop subgroups by geography worldwide, by niche and a means to announce jobs for one another.

He was committed to creating something organic. A month ago, his friends decided on their own, to help promote a broader audience fitting of what Jason Davis envisioned, ... a true community. It happened faster than JD himself imagined possible.

In one month, RecruitingBlogs.com has exploded with triple its membership to over 3,000 members and thousands of page views a day in traffic. His friend's contributed, Jason's personality had a definite role in the growth, but if you ask those who had a closer look, Jason would agree that in all sincerity, it was the community itself and the viral power that drove the daily traffic. Invited colleagues invited fellow recruiters, Staffing VP's invited their staffing organizations. Something happened. The site has taken a life of its own.

Today, Jason could go to Niagara Falls and enjoy a week of fine dining and relaxation or off to his Caribbean excursion and the site would grow by several hundred in a week because ... the audience aka the 'membership' has now invested itself in making RecruitingBlogs.com into a portal community, ... one our industry is quickly recognizing as its home.

Each morning, we get our Starbucks coffee and we log into to RecruitingBlogs.com. We laugh. We learn. We start the day smiling and smarter and we have something to mention beyond the dreary global news of the day to our colleagues at the water cooler and we compare our favorite posts, forum questions or videos at RecruitingBlogs.com

Yes, my friends, from Google's campus to Bill Vick's Big Biller crowd, RecruitingBlogs.com is the new water cooler at a recruiting office near you.

Thanks Jason for making the start of the day that much more fun. Thank you for the friendship and the community you're building.

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“The New Water Cooler, “RecruitingBlogs.com Triples to 3,000 in One Month

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