Whether these goal are business or personal the fallowing recomendations will help you"

Instead of having many asperations, or goals, narrow them down to at least three. Give each one a priority for example:

1st priority

2nd priority

3rd priority

write them down, and set dead lines for each goal "realistic time frame" make sure that they are realistic time frames for each one.
put together a plan of action for each goal, in this plan you will commit your self in accomplishing at least one task towards your set goals. I think we all get to this point and then LIFE HAPPENS that's when tend to forget our set goals. What happens is every day we confront our daily responsibilities such as children, work, deadlines, sickness, death, etc. These every day turbulance tend to stir us away from our goals, and leaves us wondering months and years down the road why we are not successful stagnant and unhappy with our personal lifes and career.s and also feel negative and hopeless of ever succeeding.

Now here is an example of making your goals come true.

for example you start a new job on an entry position and you know that you could actually be the manager of the company or if this is a big company of a certain department.

You will be starting a new job in two weeks this is a great opportunity because this company offers recognition and promotions to managerial positons. Now if you are already in a company that you like and would like to get promoted, and have not been able to get notice or recognize for all the work you have done. Take a break be it at lunch or the coming weekend and plan towards your success. You will practically have to remove your seft from from the box, and look from the outside, this is the only way you are going to see in the rat raise you have put your self in, also can see how other people view you. It is very important to look from outside the box because you will be able to see the type of behavior and vibes you are sending out, and most times the vibes we are sending out are of being fustrated, bored because each day we repeat the same thing over an over again with out putting our passion and drive towards a goal. Because if we knew that in two months down the road we are going to be promoted and we know this is a FACT "when I say this you have to truly believe it" than you would not be sending out these negative bibes.

1. Do your homework, "Mise en place" know who you will be working for try to get as much information as possible, about the company, the managers and also of your coworkers, by any means this is not being nosey, because all the informtion that you gather has to be relevant towards your success. At this time you will also need to set the time line when you will be getting this promotion. So by the first day of work you already know the month and even the week when this promotion or recognition is going to happen, a good way to make sure it happens and to keep you focus is tell family members, friends and who ever else you know that wishes the best for you about your goal and the goal date you have set for your self. This way you not only have your energy directing you towards your goal, you also have all these other people that wish the best for you putting out the positive energy towards your goal. Each day do at least one task towards your goal. I say this because I know their is all the usual day to day things that happen that will keep you away from your ultimate goal, do to daily resposibilities. If each day and week you continue working towards your goal it will happen. Also be careful and think that in order for you to get this promotion or recognition you need to take on everything that comes your way, Wrong!! you are actually working against your goals the reason being you are going to over extent your self and mess up at one or at all the projects you sign up to work in, BE SELECTIVE and do the once that will help you reach your goal well, "The UNIVERSAL TRUTH OF CONNECTION IS, BEFORE YOU CAN GET WHAT YOU WANT, YOU HAVE TO MAKE A GAME PLAN IN ORDER TO GET WHAT YOU WANT."

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Comment by Tektree Gopi on March 31, 2008 at 10:50am
Very Good Blog., the stuff what you have mentioned was typically happening to me.


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