's Best Course Of Action

While Jason Goldberg's best course of action, assuming he doesn’t want to become another “laugh piece” for The New York Times, is to admit that he overreacted and retract any hint of taking legal action, the best course of action for John Sumser at is to focus on making the site relevant. Although I don't often agree with some finer points Sumser makes, it seems very clear to me that he has the ability to make something of the site without Jobster attempting to take down or force partnership upon Obviously, my assessment seems to be opposite of Goldberg, based on this action. Either Sumser is unsure of what do, which prompted the perception that this network competes, or he is not being allowed to do what needs to be done, which also demonstrates a lack of faith. Regardless, from a communication perspective, the damage is done, making it all the more difficult for Sumser to do what could be done. Personally, I think Sumser's best bet is to stay out of commenting on the issue any more than he has, and privately encourage Goldberg to reverse course, going so far as to say that his input helped save the day. If I were Davis, I would ignore the letter, forgo any negotiations, and sit tight until the threat of legal action becomes real and all the more newsworthy. Time and time again, Davis has waived off any mention of recruiters deserting and has gone so far as to promote right here.

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Comment by Rich on June 27, 2007 at 6:57pm
Then again, Robert Wilson does a good job pinpointing why the community established at has been on virtual migration, suggesting that maybe it was the shepard that killed the sheep and not competition on any level.
Comment by WorkFarce on June 28, 2007 at 1:25am

You are a gentleman and a scholor...indeedy let's let the LAW speak for itself. These are merely scare tactics that Jason Davis has no need to even respond to...

There are LOGS of case law that support and set a precident for him to prevail....hell he is Canadian, and the juristiction of the Stae Of Washington Courts have limited reach in this case...either JD will fold (which he should not) or JGO will realize actually WHAT he is doing.

In the prior, JD: if you have accepted payment for not starting a blog...or a blog look-alike, or a blog "thingy" then this is probably the problem (my best guess) is with the money...

Secondly if JD has accepted monies from his severence agreement that it is up to GOLDBERG to prove that 1. you are holding trade secrets (bullshit). 2. You are stealing customers (Bullshit) and 3. are defaming him or publishing slander (Again I cry bullshit)....but never you mind...this is the task of Josters LAWYERS to build the case and not for your to defend....

These things are VERY RARELY will be fact you have no obligation to even respond to JGO's letter or questions...continue on my good will not be fault6ed or judged upon...

Lastly...something has JGO spooked...its not you...human nature lashes out at our dearest whenn trying times are upon this, he has shown his hand...some bridges never burn, but those which made him money and gave him the "upper hand" will be his demise.

This is a PURE case of "I will shake your right hand while stabbing with the left"

Such a gruesome shame...

Comment by Rich on June 28, 2007 at 4:15pm
Nice run down Farce. And great call Craig.

And hopefully some others learned that threat of legal action remains the best last course of action. As for the details, I'll bite my tongue and wish them all the best. :P


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