7 Interviewing mistakes Hiring Manager should avoid.

A job interview plays a vital role in the process of recruitment and includes both the candidates and HR Managers. An Interview requires plenty of time as it passes through different stages that consume a lot of time and there is a chance of mistakes.

So, following are the interviewing mistakes that should be avoided to smoother the interview process:

1. Not able to define a clear picture of the job requirements:
If you are trying to conduct an interview, it is very important to clear the picture of the job requirements. You should foresee the skills you are looking for filling that particular position. Sit with the interview panel, involve subject expert and make an agreement upon the skills and responsibilities you are looking for the candidate and then decide the interview questions for the candidate.
Thus, in order to get the best match for the job, the interviewer needs to have a clear understanding of the job position.

2. Acting cold or impolite
This is an obvious no-no, yet it happens all the time. It’s surprisingly common for a hiring manager to be curt and fire off questions as if the interview is an interrogation, which in turn makes the candidate clam up. The interviewer can also fail to be even cursorily conversational, which can mean they miss out on uncovering valuable hidden talents. In short: kindness is a win-win situation.

While these interviews, mistakes are the most common, there are others that are far more serious. Ageism, sexism, racism, and all the other nefarious isms that are prohibited by law can worm their way into our psyches without constant vigilance. Remember to enter every interview with an open mind.

3. Avoid the Job ad too specific
If the Job ad is more specific such as defining experience and qualification, it can be noticed that you may lose good candidates. The other candidates may pass-out as the Job ad was too specific. It is recommended that your Job ad must not be too specific so that you get the right candidate applying for the position.

4. Not disclosing the salary in a job ad
If the candidate does not see the salary in Job add, you can lose a lot of candidates. If you keep it straightforward and disclosed salary in the job ad, you will avoid a lot of negotiation and arguments. The candidate for whose this all details work will apply for the job and for the one who thinks the salary is not specified will not apply for the job.
Thus defining salary in job ad will actually lessen the burden on recruiter work on screening candidate.

5. Avoid asking the ridiculous question
This mistake takes many forms. It can mean not asking questions to the particular job for example, asking about resolving workplace conflict makes sense for a potential project manager, but not a delivery driver. It can also mean asking weird, irrelevant or even out of track questions. You might be trying to see how your candidates think, but you’ll just come off as a highly unprofessional individual.

6. Being too slow in taking the decision

One of the biggest mistake in an interview is not taking the decision quickly. It can be observed that many candidates keep on trying to apply for a good job so if you got good candidates then don’t waste your time to reach the good candidates.

Show your interest in the candidates and let them show their talent. Always try to reach the good candidates quickly that will help your organization to grow.

7. Briefly described the interview process
The candidates eager to know the interview process in detail like types of interview, number of interview rounds and more that will help to make a clear vision of the interview process. Briefly described the interview process will always create certain question in the candidate's mind like: How many interview rounds will be conducted, what is the duration of the interview and more.

In most interview situations, you should be asking a question, allow the candidate to answer and then ask the follow-up question, this is the right way to conduct an interview. By doing this you will be able to know what your candidate is thinking and is he really capable of fitting into your company’s shoe.

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