7 tips to interviewing success

So a friend of mine asked a question on face book regarding a job interview that she is about to have. So as many job seekers she has some anxiety about the process, even though she has gone on many before there is still anxiety there. So I researched the topic a bit to makes sure that I would give her the best answers possible, and this is what I came up with to help her out:

1. Relax

Before you go into the interviewer’s office a couple of deep breathes. This will allow you to be more natural and more yourself. Don’t treat it like a life or death situation. This is a feeling out phase and if you are yourself it will go fine. Also remember, you can do everything right and still not get the job. In the end it comes down to the hiring manager and what they feel is a great fit for the team.

2. Research the company
A lot for interviewees show up for the interview ill prepared because they do not know anything about that company, which can add to the anxiety of the interview. Go to the website read the about page. Look at the different links and do a little research, it will help when the interviewer asks you the dreaded; do you have any questions for me.

3. Have an answer to the “weakness question”
This question will always come up, but the key is spinning it in a positive light. For example if you know you are not a multitasked say so, but also let them know that you are a great organizer that keeps your tasks written down so you can check them off as needed keeping in on track and able to make your deadlines

4. Make a list of your strengths and accomplishments
The interview will go smoother if you go into it prepared. Make a list of five strengths along with accomplishments that you can discuss in the interview. The interviewer will ask you questions that you can tailor these responses towards and if not, when it comes to when they ask you is there anything else you wants to add you will have something to say

5. Think about what is important to you
Think about what you didn’t link in your last job. For example if they always had you on a different shift, you can ask the interviewer if you will have a set schedule or a staggered one.

6. Visualize the attack
World class athletes do it all the time. Picture the interview and the interviewer. Visualize yourself doing well and getting the job. Visualize yourself being calm, confident, and articulate. Never under estimate the power of positive thinking. The greatest boxer of all time Mohammed Ali said that he always visualized the bout before even stepping into the ring, he believed that was one of the greatest reasons for his successes. Hey if it worked for him, you have nothing to lose by giving it a try.

7. Dress the part
I know that this is common sense but often people just don’t look the part when they go in for an interview. If it is a formal interview the standard is a skirt suit or pants suits. If it is an informal interview use common sense i.e. cover up the tattoos, no mid drifts, no short skirts (the rule is normally mid thigh at the shortest)

There are many more tips out there that can aid in acing your next interview. These are just a few that I believe will get you started on the right path.

Feel free to leave a comment if you want to add to this list.

All the best

William Maitre
Acquisition Mgr
WJM Management
Email: william.maitre@gmail.com

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