7 Ways to Craft an Outstanding LinkedIn Profile

LinkedIn is a very powerful network that is used to connect individuals and companies together, especially those who are seeking employees and vice versa. Due to this being an incredible way of connecting and seeking employment it’s essential to spruce up your minimalistic LinkedIn profile. Instead of just adding the basic information, you need to make your LinkedIn profile a clear representation of your achievements, skills and knowledge, which can be valuable to an employer that’s searching for the right candidate.

Graham Russell, a senior editor at EssayOnTime emphasizes the importance of a well-written LinkedIn profile:

Make your LinkedIn look as good as possible, because it’s a clear online representation of who you are. It’s just what employers are looking to see. If you can invest time to create the perfect profile you’ll have a very clear advantage over all competitors who didn’t take it seriously, but if you don’t have the right time and skills, you can always hire a professional writer to do it for you.’’

If you’re leaning more towards creating the perfect LinkedIn profile on your own, here are 7 things that you can do, to make it just right.

  1. Appropriate Content

A LinkedIn profile isn’t the same as your CV. Instead of just copying content from your resume, take some time to craft specific information for LinkedIn. Provide as much information about your skills as you possibly can, and take the opportunity to explain what you excel at, what your achievements are and what kind of an experience you have had so far.

  1. Profile Picture

Most individuals who are seeking employment neglect the importance of a good profile photograph.You’d be surprised how visuals can affect people, and with the right photo, this effect can be quite beneficial for you. Make sure you don’t crop your selfies from Instagram, or party photos. Take some time to make a professional photo, which can be done at home on a blank wall. A subtle smile and appropriate wardrobe and makeup can go a long way. In Uk-dissertation we prefer photos with white screen background.

  1. Present Your Strengths

Although you have the possibility of including up to 50 different skills on your profile, it’s better to focus on those that are your strengths and that you are really confident in. Don’t highlight your average skills. Think about what you’re really good at, and group these skills together, by focusing one each one in detail.

  1. Personalize

One of the things that you can do that might seem irrelevant, but shows that you pay attention to details and are dedicated to perfection is personalizing your URL and public page. It’s not going to reflect negatively if your resume is otherwise perfect, but it does show an extra quality that employers are going to appreciate.

  1. Add New Skills

It’s important to keep your LinkedIn profile updated. That’s why it’s good to improve your skills, experiences and knowledge constantly so that you actually have something to put into your LinkedIn profile. There is a large variety of industry-related online courses you can take and actually receive a certificate that is going to really help your LinkedIn profile stand out. Not only does your skill set expand, which is always a benefit, but you’re showing a great quality, which is the wish to improve and work on yourself.

  1. Increase Credibility

Each time you list your skills, you can get endorsed for them. This is essential because it enables you to get discovered more easily by recruiters, and it adds to your credibility. When someone endorses your skills he/she is actually validating you and giving you credit where it’s due. It’s just like an online reference.

  1. Join Groups

LinkedIn offers you the chance to join many groups, but the key here is to join those that are relevant to your industry. Avoid joining as many groups as you can, especially if you can’t relate to the group on a certain level. You can even create your very own groups and gather individuals from your industry, which gives you a chance to network and establish yourself as a leader.


The world of recruiting has changed a lot, and all those seeking employment should catch the wave of change and get on board. Creating your LinkedIn profile just might be the first step towards building a career with the help of online tools. Start building your future today by following our guidelines. Sure enough, you’ll create a LinkedIn profile that stands out and is worthy of attention of all recruiters. 

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