8 Ways Dancing Makes For a Better Workplace

Every business owner knows (or at least learns at some point) that the company’s success directly depends on the merits of its employees. And while everyone is raving about productive, efficient and well-performing employees, a leader’s task is helping them feel appreciated and cultivating those valuable traits.

Every employee would appreciate if his or her efforts were acknowledged. Not only this would encourage better work, it guarantees higher customer satisfaction and thus, higher profits. Employee wellness program offered by the company is one of the best ways to deliver the message that the well-being of your employees matters as much as their performance. Dancing is one of the best options for such a program. And here is why.

1. Team Building

We all want a passionate team that works in sync like a clockwork. Well, social time together is the crucial thing for every team. It helps to build the right communication patterns and to establish a rapport. A ballroom is a perfect place for co-workers to learn how to trust each other. One partner learns how to make a step back with their left leg to let another partner make a step forward with their right leg. Quite a metaphor for what one should do in the team.

2. Dancing Makes People Smarter

Dancing in the ballroom triggers several brain functions at once. These are emotional kinesthetic, rational thinking, special orientation, pattern prediction, and musical functions. It definitely improves the neural connectivity. The higher the neural connectivity, the more efficient the brain. Hence, the higher intelligence. There are also such additional things to master as dance-themed apps and digital tools, the history of the dance, its rules and etiquette, outfit details and much more. It’s a good start for a full-scale hobby.

3. Health and Fitness

Employees, who are aware of their health, can listen to their body and discern its signs usually perform better both physically and mentally. Dancing is a low-risk and low-weight bearing activity that can vary in intensity making a great full-body workout. Also, it greatly improves posture which is a common problem among the office workers. For business owners, having healthy employees means lower healthcare bills they would have to pay. So, when you invest in your employees’ wellbeing and health, you actually save your company’s money.

4. Energy

Vigorous movements are natural to humans. Therefore, people who are required to sit for eight hours straight each day can suffer from many issues. Endorphins are released intensively when a human body is active, and those influence the way we feel. When people feel good they are happier and more effective. Thus, dancing employees are more creative, active, and able to show excellent performance.

5. Creativity

Steve Jobs used to say that for creating something innovative one should have a set of skills and knowledge different from those of others. Putting together unrelated themes can often lead to innovations, so by placing your employees in a situation where they can creatively express themselves, you stimulate their creative flow and challenge their minds.

6. Confidence

Dancing is known to increase self-awareness, as well as to develop body language competence and boost confidence. Observing their body moving, one develops a stronger presence and builds more self-confidence. And these two are crucial for business. Also, being put into the unusual circumstances, such as trying something new on a dance floor, people expand the limits of their comfort zone. And this is always useful both for personal grows and career goals.

7. Appreciation

Teaching your employees new skills and letting them be more energetic (see the previous issues) is a great way to say ‘thank you’ for their efforts and good work. We have already mentioned the importance of appreciation for the company employees. This will create a healthier climate and a motivation for better performance.

8. Dancing Is Fun

Trading your typical reward that includes donuts and coffee for a day in a ballroom is worth it because dancing is fun. Dancing is so much better for our bodies and souls compared to high-carb goodies. There will be even more fun for the next staff party as everyone will get a chance to show off their dancing proficiency.

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