9 Constructions Jobs You Can Make As A Career

Construction works are considered as one of the most crucial jobs that were ever invented. One reason is that most of the things we around us undergone the construction process. Such as the house we live in, the road and bridge we cross to go from one place to another, and the building where our offices and businesses are located.

There are different types of constructions works, but they all boil down to the process of assembling and building infrastructure. Construction jobs that are available are residential construction, building construction, industrial and commercial building. Different parts of world offer this kind of job, so you can work overseas as well.

Below are some of the types of construction jobs you may want to take as a career:

Excavation Manager
The job is to look after the use of heavy industrial equipment like back hoes, bulldozers, forklifts, drag line, excavators, and cranes. Excavation Manager are responsible to check the safety of the construction crew that are involved.

Cement Mason
They are the one who pour concrete and add finishing touches to walls, sidewalks, and steps. Cement masons are trained to know the proper mixing and using different types of cement. Using concrete for all constructions jobs is the common foundation for any infrastructure. Cement masons have educated their selves by undergoing formal apprenticeship

Brick Mason
They work closely with Cement masons because the bricks are being used with the cement to put up walls. Brick masons are responsible for making up the walls, chimneys and all the other structures that require bricks.

Elevator Installer and Repairer
They are responsible for the safety of the office people and the mall goers. This construction job needs a little bit of manual labor as they would need to lift heavy repair tools as well as elevator/escalator parts.

Building Services Engineers
They oversee if the building contains more walls and a roof. They make sure that the power, lighting, HVAC, and water systems work properly. Building Services Engineers might also do the work on the designs of a building, ensuring that it was all distributed properly. They are also known as the mechanical and/or electrical engineers.

Cost Estimator
The job requires the person to spend considerable time crunching numbers in the office, involving themselves in both high-level and minimal decisions of budgeting. They are familiar with the resources of construction site and expert in computers and various estimating software. They can provide a budget for the work from start to finish, or they may give an estimate to a particular part of a project like electrical component.

Demolition Workers
This work may be less complicated but it can be really dangerous. They need to be able to provide the right amount of dynamite required and place it correctly on locations to make a safety demolition building work.

Construction Laborer
They are the assistant of skilled construction workers in completing their job. Construction laborers are also responsible for moving materials, mixing cement, and keeping the construction site clean.

Real Estate Contractor
A real estate salesperson must treat all parties fairly, even those not considered clients. A real estate salesperson’s duty includes disclosing all known facts regarding the property and transaction to the client. He/she need to get the best and highest sale price for the client who is a seller, while the duties of the real estate salesperson representing a buyer is to negotiate for the lowest possible price for her client. During the negotiation process, the real estate kit homes agent advises the client, giving the client all possible information, It is the agent's duty to follow all lawful instructions of the client.

If until now you are not quite sure what kind of construction career you are going to take, you must list down all your preferences and strengths. You must also know the different types of construction jobs available for your skills and strengths. A single construction job may help you in utilizing other skills you have and help you in advancing your career.

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