Hello RBC –

I wanted to just take a quick moment to offer a hello to everyone. It has been quite hectic since last week as you can all imagine, but I really wanted to express my sincere appreciation for all the kind words and feedback both Noel and I received. It means a great deal to us and illustrates the true value of the RBC, which is the community.


I wanted to also take a moment to thank Jason. His time and insights since the beginning of this process have been tremendous. I know everyone in the RBC will join me in wishing him the very best as he jumps back into the trenches and transitions back on to a desk.


So a few quick things you will learn about me;

-         I am a father to two boys (Noah 3 / Isaac 1)

-         I have a healthy appetite for all things pop culture

-         I am a NCAA Basketball fanatic (Go UCONN!)

-         Last, but most certainly not least I am a recruiter and have an obsession with all things recruiting


It is the last one that I hope will allow me to be a productive member of the RBC. I never have- nor will I ever make the claim of being an expert, but rather a sponge that constantly continues to take on more. It is that which I plan to share back to the RBC.


So I am sure most of the RBC is wondering what changes are going to be forthcoming, and for now there is nothing planned. Our initial focus is on outreach and keeping the RBC as a place for recruiters to express their thoughts, opinions, and at times frustrations.  It is that open exchange that fuels the RBC and we will see that continue.


So the one thing I would like to leave you all with is my contact information;

Tim Spagnola
Phone: 203-510-9858
Email: tim@recruitingdaily.com
Twitter: @RecruitingDaily


At my desk I always maintained an ‘open door’ policy and that is not going to change now. All thoughts, suggestions, concerns in regards to RBC are important to me, and I want to hear from you. Please do not hesitate in reaching out to me at anytime (Yes- I mean that).


So thank you all once again for making the RBC such a special place.

* Side note – I before E….I before E…..for those keeping track at home. I am aware of my typo in my email today, and rather certain it won’t be the last.

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Comment by Valentino Martinez on June 28, 2011 at 1:03am



Thanks for sharing:  a little about your personal background; some of your interests; your grounding in “all things recruiting”; your interest in “outreach” for RBC, in bold ink no less; and your open access policy.


Now I’m curious about the term “outreach” –not a biggy--but that could be one thing, or many things, e.g., advertisers; an expansion of RBC as is but bigger; a BIG BROTHER/BIG SISTER coaching youth sidebar; or a membership drive/project; or a reincarnation of Manifest Destiny where RBC acquires new territory, merger acquisitions and riches—or some, none or all the above.


In an earlier blog, I posted, entitled:  “RecruitingBlogs.com – On Auto Pilot?”  My initial comment in that blog started as: “With some trepidation but mostly excitement--I’m looking forward to what comes next with new management.  The trepidation is there because in looking back…I liked and valued the experience”… Jerry created in RBC.  Now, with new owners “outreach” is the new word... which means what for RBC?

Comment by Tim Spagnola on June 28, 2011 at 9:28am

Tino -


"I liked and valued the experience


You kinda answered it yourself. We of course want to see you (and all members) continue to like being part of the RBC, but the value part is the key. In using the term outreach I was referring to sparking the engagement that makes this such a special place. It begins with welcoming new members to the RBC, reaching out to established members, and keeping the information flowing.


When I first began recruiting I was fortunate enough to have my desk right next to the top biller in the firm. This allowed me to learn a great deal day in and day out, and ultimately create my own style that worked for me. That is how I view the RBC. The wealth of information that is shared among members is simply amazing- and that will remain the real value.


So don't be afraid of "outreach" - and please don't worry about a walking billboard being outside your window.


As always your feedback is appreciated (and encouraged).

Comment by Tim Spagnola on June 29, 2011 at 10:51am
Thanks Rayanne - I really appreciate your kind words. Also glad to see you got out of Vegas in one piece.....


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