A Fresh View on What To Wear For An Interview

When it comes to what to wear for a job interview, we know the drill: a pencil skirt and a blazer in black or grey, a white shirt, and flat shoes. 

Imagine how many candidates interviewers meet each day that wear the same attire. While it’s important to follow a certain dress code and match that with your skillset and experience, there is something else that can help you stand out. 

And that’s the details: from the colour of your outfit to your lucky socks, here are a few tips and tricks no one talks about to help you ace your interview look. 

Colours, colours, colours 

Whether you wear a yellow or a green dress has much more significance than you might think. That is because colours have a deeper meaning beyond what pleases the eye. 

Each colour has its own frequency, just like the sound. Our bodies are also composed of seven spinning energetic centres, also known as chakras, that emanate frequency and are associated with certain emotions and organs in that energy centre. The frequencies of the seven chakras correspond with the frequencies of the seven main colours. And that’s how colours can make us feel a certain way.  

The way you feel has a direct impact on how you present yourself during an interview. Luckily, colours can help you dress to impress. Just like the famous English aphorism goes, “fake it till you make it”. 

Red – stable and responsible 

Responsibility and staying grounded when faced with a difficult situation are all qualities that are deeply valued in any job position. Wear red to your job interview to affirm your ground. 

Red speaks confidence and shows that you are serious about the position. It’s a colour that empowers and can give you that extra push to present yourself at your best. 

Yellow – confident and reliable 

The colour yellow is associated with our solar plexus chakra – our centre. Responsible for our self-esteem, this chakra is highly important when it comes to asserting and articulating ourselves. 

Wearing yellow can give you a much-needed confidence boost and show the interviewer that you are aware of your strengths and how you can contribute to the team. 

Blue – I speak clearly 

It’s important to be able to speak your truth, to be clear and concise without the additional fluff in your speech. Blue helps you with that. 

Even if your main attire isn’t in blue, it’s advisable that you find a way to incorporate this colour. You get a limited amount of time to present your skills and personality, so a little reminder that you can speak clearly and say what’s appropriate is very welcomed. A blue hair tie, a belt, or a handbag in that colour can do wonders. 

Purple – I have a deep understanding 

Purple is associated with knowledge, understanding, and finding solutions to problems easily. To present yourself as a top candidate that possesses those qualities, add purple to your job interview attire. 

It will not only help you present yourself in that light, but it will also aid you in discerning whether the job role and the team are right for you. 

Mix and match 

Knowing the meaning behind each colour can help you select an outfit that speaks to the type of energy that you want. Of course, you don’t have to go all monochrome, and you can mix and match the different colours for a boosted effect. 

Make sure you don’t end up looking too colourful, as this can seem tacky and unprofessional. Adding colour to your outfit subtly is key. 

While black and grey are classic interview attire colours, they don’t have that special hidden meaning as the ones above. Nevertheless, they can be used as a base for your outfit to make another colour pop. 

Also, consider accessories, as they can make or break an outfit. Wearing black wide-leg pants with a purple blouse matched with tan ankle boots and a navy-blue handbag will look stylish and speak of your great knowledge and ability to articulate yourself. 

Wear your lucky socks 

Many people have that one item that somehow always brings them luck. For some, that’s their pair of socks, for others – a four-leaf clover charm. 

But how does luck work? Many believe that some kind of mystical force has bestowed a certain item or a person. Some even go as far as believing that one can be born lucky or unlucky.  

Psychology, however, suggests that luck is the result of a person’s approach to a certain situation. If one believes that they will have a lucky day, they attune to that frequency, and their positive outlook can impact the outcome of the experience, resulting in a lucky day. 

Psychologist Richard Wiseman, who spent ten years studying the ‘luck factor’, believes that lucky people share certain characteristics, such as having more positive beliefs, being more optimistic, and listening to their intuition. Unlucky people, on the other hand, tend to be more pessimistic and anxious. 

So, you don’t have to be born under a lucky star to bring luck into your life. By having a positive outlook and believing in a favourable outcome, you can manifest that. To amplify the power of positive thinking, you can turn any item into a lucky charm. The Chelsea boots you’re wearing? They can be the lucky boots that help you walk into any opportunity with confidence and charm. Be the star of your own show! 


Styling the perfect outfit for an interview is a skill and an opportunity to infuse a little ‘daily magic’ into what you’re wearing. Assert yourself by choosing the colours that speak the best for you and walk your way to success. With the right mindset and luck under your belt, you can have the job you want! 

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