A Glimpse at the Best and the Most Awful Education Jobs

Children around the world grow up listening to a simple saying ‘Do what you Love’. However, following those words might make the scenario worse for education professionals. People, who have passed one year after another studying their favorite subject, and have achieved many degrees to secure the most appropriate jobs, might not be able to enjoy a delighting paycheck at the end of the month.

The sector related to educational jobs has a wide variety of occupations that can be classified according to the pay-scale that ranges in between $25,000 to $100,000 per year. This margin is quite diverse than that of the other available standard jobs. This is the reason why Forbes conducted a survey to collect Occupational Employment and Wages Data from Bureau of Labor Statistics. This data denotes the data regarding salary and employment in the sectors of Education, Library Occupations, Training, and other jobs related to the relevant areas.

The above study, which was originally conducted by Bureau of Labor Statistics, shows that most of the popular public sector occupations were from the part of teaching. According to the survey, five out of the six topmost jobs in public sector are as follows -

  • Elementary School Teachers, apart from special education
  • Middle School Teachers, apart from special and technical education
  • Secondary Teachers in Schools
  • Substitute Teachers
  • Assistant Teachers

However, the above scenario is just the tip of the iceberg. A job in the educational field is also considered to be the worst one in many cases. Therefore, here is a closer look to the best, as well as, the worst education jobs in terms of annual remuneration -

Best Jobs

1.       Postsecondary Law Teachers claim the topmost spot for the best job in the educational field with an annual salary of around $122,280.

2.       Postsecondary Teachers for Health Specialties are on the second spot with an average annual salary of around $105,880.

3.       Engineering Teachers have secured the third place for the best educational jobs with an average annual salary of about $102,880.

4.       Education Administrators are there on the fourth place with an average yearly salary of $100,600.

Worst Jobs

1.       The worst job in the field of education is that of the Teacher Assistants with an average annual salary of only $25,570.

2.       Substitute Teachers are said to have the second worst educational job. They have an annual salary of about $29,350 on average.

3.       Preschool Teachers, who are not linked with special education, claim the third spot in the list of worst educational jobs. Their average annual salary is $31,420.

4.       Graduate Teaching Assistants are on the fourth place in the worst list of jobs in teaching. The mean annual salary is about $31,810.

However, the above list is only a compilation of the best and worst scenarios in the field of educational works. Irrespective of the pay, people, who have a fancy for such jobs, should do what they really love to do.

Summary: Though there is a great diversity in the pay-scale of educational jobs, nothing can be better than spreading knowledge throughout a nation. Moreover, the worst sums are not as bad as most other jobs in private sectors.

Author’s Bio: Simon Hopes is a well-known online math tutor, who, in his leisure time, loves to clarify several issues related to the field of education.

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