An overview of embedded software engineer jobs

The primary objective of this blog is to focus on the functions and duties of the embedded software engineers. Reading this blog will certainly help you to understand who are the embedded engineers and what their responsibilities are. Embedded software engineers are responsible for controlling software processors. The processors include digital signal processors and microcontrollers which are embedded or built into various devices.  Embedded software basically operates behind the scene and is accountable for running most of the appliances.

Job responsibilities of an embedded software engineer

The primary functions of an embedded software engineer are to design, develop, debug and revise embedded software. They design software after a thorough analysis of the requirements of an embedded system. The software requirements are then interpreted into software functions which are written by an engineer. Software are coded or written by either entering the software commands or directly typing or is created by mechanised software engineering tools that generate the software. Several engineering disciplines are used by the embedded software engineers such as mechanical, optical or electrical to ensure that the embedded software achieves the design goal for a specific system or product.        

What educational qualifications are required to become an embedded software engineer?

The position of embedded software engineering requires a minimum of a bachelor’s degree in any engineering discipline. It can be electrical engineering, computer engineering or even a degree in computer science. However, the majority of the jobs demand for a master's degree. An in-depth knowledge about hardware and software is extremely helpful for the software engineers. Therefore the ideal course includes either a software engineering course from a computer science department or digital electronics courses from an electrical engineering department.

Who are the employers?

Defence and aerospace contractors employ several embedded software engineers. Various government agencies, companies or universities that design and construct products with embedded processors are the potential employers of embedded software engineers.There are commercial employers as well. The commercial employers especially the consumer electronics manufacturers’ and wireless phone companies hire embedded software engineers. Besides these, the government employers include intelligence agencies, scientific and medical research organisation and the military branches.

What are the different types of embedded software jobs and their benefits?

 There is a wide array of embedded software jobs in distinct engineering field. If you are interested to find out the different types of embedded software jobs, you can click here and get all the details related to software jobs specific to embedded system.

While talking about the benefits, around 93% of the embedded software engineers are benefitted from medical insurance and 84% of them have dental benefits.  However, remunerations are generally proportional to the level of experience.

The demand for embedded software engineers are growing rapidly, as the market for the products having embedded processors continues to expand.

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