Have you noticed mobile computing is permeating all that we know? To be honest - you probably haven't (unless you are particularly excited about IT, Technology or Cloud Computing). BUT it is changing our lives! Mobile computing is actually expected to surpass desktop using by 2014 - that means in 3 short years the ways we are used to will be all but obsolete!
What is mobile computing?
Mobile computing is simply about where the data storage and processing is handled, that is - outside the device where the information is displayed. So instead of information being downloaded and stored on the PC or device, the information is fed from an external source. The best analogy I can give you is to compare when you measure your download file size to an app where you pay the one purchase price to access the information whenever you need. With mobile computing, there are no downloads, as the information stays stored in the "Cloud" and feeds graphic representations to the device.
The power of the Cloud
Mobile computing is powerful because the processing power is generally handled by larger and more powerful machines than most of us have access to. Think about how much power your server has over your network, compared with your little old PC at home on the internet!
What does Mobile Computing mean for job seekers?
The great news is that job hunting will become less laborious, as the pages and pages you are searching now will be quicker to load. The bad news is that if you don't have great connection or indeed if you can't access the network, you can't access any information.
What does Mobile Computing mean for job advertisers?
The good news is that advertisers may have the opportunity to have more viewers access their jobs as the nature of mobile computing means that more devices are able to access the data. However, the flip side is that connections can be unreliable and as data is not stored on the local device, information can be lost in the pages and pages of job adverts that are posted every day.
So whilst we welcome the advent of mobile computing and the changes it is bringing, we also advocate considering other mediums to ensure that your search for the perfect job doesn't get negatively impacted! SMStheJOB uses PUSH technology, which means that we store the data in our systems BUT we also sendyou the information for the job criteria you have nominated. So you don't pay for any download limits, but you get the precise information you need whether you have access to the net or not! There is no risk of your perfect job going missing in the reams of data on job sites. The other advantage is that in Australia the mobile network is vast and predictable, so you can be the first to apply for your dream job, because you get your perfect job sent to you before everyone else is trolling the internet!

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