Are You Recruiter Bee or Flower? [Inbound Recruiter Trainer]

Hello and good day! 

Brian, your Inbound Recruiter is currently attending Experts Academy (currently giving a free book away) in Santa Clara currently and is having a blast.  I wanted to share a really cool "mindset" poem to get you "thinking" about our "new economy", and how it affects your income.  More content to follow the conference completion in next week's Inbound Recruiter VLOG post, Cha-Ching!!!

In nature there are bees and there are flowers and they like each other. Bees need the nectar from flowers for honey and flowers need the bees to pollinate them so they can grow.

In the nature of business, we are bees. We go from flower to flower trying to get what we need.

We buzz around with great excitement, expending lots of energy and making lots of noise.

Buzz. Buzz. We go.

But there are only so many flowers.

And the buzzing bees can only go so far.

The bees try hard anyway because they are bees. They go as far as they can and still frequent their favorite flowers often.

Sometimes there are other bees to compete with. They zip and they zap around them trying to get to the same flowers. Buzz. Buzz.

Soon, though, bees get very very tired always buzzing and looking for new flowers – the zipping and zapping, too, is wearing on their wings.

There are just SO many other bees and only so much nectar to go around…soon all the buzzing doesn’t sound so exciting anymore.

In all the buzzing the flower stays put and laughs at the busy bees.

The flower is smart. It makes such good nectar that it draws the bees in and doesn’t have to go anywhere. The flower stays grounded and uses all its resources to keep producing newer, sweeter nectars.

The bees can’t resist and come in swarms. The flower gets pollinated and grows entire fields.

the flower smiles and thinks, “What can I create to bring more bees to me?”

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I am EXCITED to read his free book "THE CHARGE".

Are you a recruiting FLOWER or recruiting BEE? 

In your Inbound Recruiter Service....


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