Are Your Employees Part of Your Employer Brand?

The recruiting world has had to think like marketers lately.  In order to compete for top talent, they've begun strategically communicating with job seekers in numerous ways. Many recruiters are now crafting engaging job advertisements. Other recruiters have created branded corporate career pages.  But few employers are incorporating their employees' voices into their employer brand.  Why is that?  Afterall, an employer brand starts with the employee.

Do Your Employees Believe in Your Employer Brand

Ideally, your organization is full of actively engaged employees who are happy to come to work every day and talk about your brand.  The reality is only a fraction of employees are this engaged in their work environment.  Another 1/3 of employees actively claim to hate their jobs.  If your employees are a forgotten part of your employee brand, it's no surprise they're not all plugged in.

Consider doing an impromptu employee survey.  As a recruiter, you're aware of what your corporate messaging and employer brand represents.  But do your employees? Does it ring true with them or does it feel insincere? If your company claims to be one of the friendliest places to work and there's a revolving door of talent, it's likely employees aren't connecting with your employer brand.

Remember the Employees Who Make You Great

The most engaging companies are placing employees squarely at the center of their employer brand.  If every recruiter says their company's talent is their best asset, then why aren't they flaunting that crop of talent? It's time to think like a marketer again and show off your team.  84% of employees say they would leave their current job for a position with a great employer.  Be that great employer and feature the team that makes your company great.

Your recruiting team has an opportunity to partner with the marketing department and come up with something fun.  Imagine a careers page on your website that features insight into your various departments and teams.  These kinds of pictures and inside information speak volumes to candidates.  Suddenly, you're offering not just a glimpse of day to day life at your company, but an opportunity for a candidate to really see themselves in the role. Every company says they have a great company culture, but a picture's worth 1000 words.

Another great way to enhance your employer brand is by using video interviews. Here, a recruiter has an opportunity to offer a video of life inside the company.  Picture a team of happy engaged workers welcoming the candidate and taking them on a tour of life at the organization.  These powerful images enhance an employer brand and elevate the candidate experience.

If you're struggling to attract top talent, it's worth it to take a moment to really understand your employer brand. If your employees don't have a voice in that brand, it's time for an upgrade!

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