I was a fairly feisty young adult and it was not until after college and I entered “the real world”, you know the one where you have real bills to pay and real responsibilities, that I discovered the power of a positive attitude.  Fast forward to 2013, now with 10+ years in the recruiting industry, and I am still sort of shocked that we come across candidates who could stand to be told, “Darling, you attract more bees with honey”, in my best southern draw, of course.

I am going to give folks the benefit of the doubt and assume that perhaps they don’t realize how recruiters work.  As the line goes, no one goes to school to become a recruiter, so it can be a little bit of a mystery to people.  But here is the deal—most recruiters are engaged by their client and the good ones work long and hard to forge those relationships.  A candidate is the representation of the value they provide.  Good recruiters will not jeopardize their relationships by presenting a candidate who is not going to represent them well.  Being a “good fit” for a job is just as much about your experience as it is your soft skills.  Personally, I can’t recall ever risking my reputation and presenting someone to a client who was intentionally rude.

Moral of the story, if you genuinely want to advance your career, you need to be selling yourself and your experience to all those involved in the process.  Bottom line, people hire people they like and recruiters represent people who have the demonstrated experience to do the job and who they believe their client will forge a connection with.

So remember, you will always attract more bees with honey and adopting this mentality will serve you well.


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