Be Prepared for the Career Emergencies

“Layoff” is quite a familiar term to all of us in the job sector. We are all panicked to think of it. However, an organization can go through bad days and at that time it has no other alternative but to cut the manpower. It is, therefore, essential to be prepared for such a crisis in advance. It will be incredibly valuable for your career.

Update your resume

When you are looking for a job, it is the part of the process to update the resume. Do you update it, when you are not looking for a job? Most of the people do not make any changes to their resumes. However, there are several reasons to keep it updated all the time, instead of making your resume ready for jobs when the worst happens.

Keep aside half an hour each quarter to add your new skills and accomplishments. If you have received a great client feedback, completed a project successfully, or accomplished a big goal- it is the time to make changes in your resume.

Listing your dream companies

When it is about job hunting, we always go for few companies that we think will make us happy. We usually do not send the resume to every opening. When an emergency situation arises, we are compelled to apply every job that we notice, forgetting our dreams. So, it is a good idea to prepare the list of our dream companies long before we require it. Maintain a spreadsheet that will include the name of your preferred companies, their websites, links to their job pages, or any other relevant information.

Build up a network in LinkedIn

You cannot build up a network whenever a career need arises. Meeting new people and growing the professional network is crucial to explore job leads whenever required. Here also your focus will be on quality rather than quantity. Try to make relevant connections and stay in touch with them. Even if it is a small thing, like retweeting a post or complimenting their work, you should do that.

Prepare an email template

One of the most effective technique of job hunting is to make your network aware of your search process. Tell your contacts what exactly you are looking for. Pass them your resume. Keep ready an email template that you may use whenever there is a necessity.

Backup your data

When someone is asked to leave the organization within a short interval, often he or she does not have the time to take the work samples, important files, and documents saved in office computer. Therefore, instead of waiting for the last moment it is better to transfer anything important after a specific interval. You will not be at lost what to transfer and what not if already have the backup at place.

Thinking out of the box

Have you ever wondered something different from that of service sector? Business, freelancing, or consulting might be worth considering. However, for that you have to make a suitable plan. Think for some time what your proficiency is. This will help you to decide the services or products you may offer. It is also important to think the prices and how will you market yourself to the prospective clients.

Never negotiate on the career matters

When a crisis situation arises, it is easy to panic and take the first job opportunity that comes on your way. However, you should always wait for the suitable opportunity. Jumping into something which is not right for you will not be helpful. It will be worst if you do not feel like continuing after joining the job. So, it is worth to evaluate the job opportunities for a period of six months and pick up the best offer within that period.

It is always worthy to identify the criteria that you think are absolutely necessary in a job. Such an analysis will help you to locate the best job opportunity.

People do not want to plan for the worst. But, if such a situation arises, the best way to cope with that is to have a plan of action ready. If you are prepared, whatever may be the situation can never let you down.

Richard White is a writer with years of experience in the recruitment industries. Predominantly a freelance writer he enjoys varying his work and researching new and different approaches to his work. He provides a brief glance at the factors that affect your decision about whether to write your resume on your own or choose professional resume services in Dallas.

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