Best Skills To Look For in a New Recruit

Today, young college graduates are seeing that a degree does not always equate with a job. Underemployment is a very real thing. Understanding the most in demand skills recruiters are looking for helps people develop professionally. And of course, recruiters want the best staff who understand how to stay organized, communicate clearly and be a part of a team. The following are some of the hottest skills recruiters are looking for today.

Collaborative Work

Teamwork makes the dream work. Business News Daily reports that collaborative work is the number one sought after skill today. On a resume, recruiters look to see if a person has managed a project, which means working with other professionals, or if they have the work teamwork listed. Industries of all types want people who understand how to work with others.

Contacts and Reputation

It helps if a person has networked and has connections with other experts in the field. A person’s reputation is important. Thus, listing conferences, events and other experiences that have built a professional reputation give a person a leg up on other applicants. After all, a hiring group wants well-connected professionals who can help the organization grow.

STEM Skills Are Important

The world is changing along with technology. Even individuals in social services or education jobs can benefit from STEM skills like coding. Fast Company reports that learning some basic coding languages can increase your chances of getting a job.

People looking for the best jobs should invest in an ios software bootcamp, programming class or check out some books on the subject.

Continuing Education

Applicants who are still striving to learn new things are great for all types of industries, organizations or companies. For example, professionals who have invested in new skill-building classes or recent conferences show a passion for networking and furthering their skillset. Recruiters love when people crave further training and education and make moves to make this happen for themselves.

Productivity and Organization

The digital world means that professionals are always on in some ways thanks to cell phones, the latest apps and more. Thus, recruiters are looking for people who understand how to work smart and make the most of their day. Additionally, the ability to multi-task and plan ahead, setting key priorities, is sought after today.

Leadership and Initiative

Recruiters look for people who lead and take responsibility for projects. This means signing up for projects, even chairing committees, and volunteering for additional duties at work. Additionally, it means never making excuses and owning responsibilities. Lastly, recruiters like professionals who take initiative and ask to participate in events or projects.

Social and Warm Personality

Being a part of a team means being warm and friendly, able to cooperate and work with people. Teamwork is essential in any office or workplace, so it helps to think about how to engage with different personalities, ages, and types of people.

Competence at Work

No one wants to continuously coach a person through a job. Thus, basic competence with tasks like email, priority setting, databases and more mean a lot to recruiters of all types. Professionals should understand how to work hard and get the job done right, no matter how long it takes. Recruiters love when people are problem solvers and find ways to train themselves or ask for help when it counts.

Strong and Courageous

Strong professionals are people who can stay honest even when the feedback or message is hard to deliver. Recruiters want to hire people who can accept a challenging situation and make the best of it. This might mean asking for help, working a long day or problem solving. Recruiters do not want people who stop when they see a hurdle. Instead, it is important to find ways over, under or around this issue. True professional courage means speaking up and clearly.

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