Blue Collar: 4 Careers for Hard Workers That Enjoy Manual Labor

Although the American economy has grown rapidly in service sector jobs, there is still a great need for hard workers who enjoy manual labor. When you are willing to work diligently, follow instructions and perform as a team, there will be many opportunities for you to enjoy a rewarding career. Consider one of these four lines of blue collar work as you get ready to enter the workforce or change jobs.

Delivery Drivers

Driving a delivery truck and bringing packages to businesses and homes will involve plenty of manual labor. You may be responsible for the loading of all of the parcels onto your truck each day. At each stop, you will unload and wheel or carry the parcels to the correct person. You could deliver parcels as small as registered letters or as large as appliances and treadmills that are tall, wide and heavy.

Janitors and House Cleaners

Janitors are employed by a wide variety of businesses and organizations, including Fortune 500 corporations, non-profit organizations, governmental agencies, schools and hospitals. They do manual work such as mopping floors, cleaning facilities and collecting and removing trash. House cleaners perform similar duties and also handle cleaning walls, windows, refrigerators, ovens, and more. These jobs may allow you to set a schedule working nights or weekends.

Drilling and Blasting

Drilling and blasting jobs are available in the mining industry. Coal mining continues to be a driving force behind the power plants that supply electricity to American homes. Some companies, such as Rock On Ground, know that drilling and mining are also important to other types of mining, including the collection of rare metals for use in high-tech applications. These are great jobs for people who enjoy working hard on a team.

Construction Workers

Construction work requires physical strength and endurance. This type of manual labor might involve road, home or building construction. Jobs in this line of work are available year-round across the country. If you are willing to travel, you might find work all year long, allowing you to also enjoy seeing some of the nation's most beautiful and exciting places.

Blue collar workers who are employed in manual labor jobs continue to be highly respected and appreciated for the important work that they do. When you are willing to put in your best effort every day, work as a member of a team and follow instructions and safety procedures, this is a great career choice. Each of these four jobs affords you the opportunity to earn a respectable living.

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