I found this while doing some reading this morning and I found it very interesting.  I think this is an awesome tool to help people get on the web quickly to advertise their company and their services.  The challenge, which goes back to the many discussions regarding the relationship between corporate recruiters and third party recruiters, is this tool makes it even easier to publicly overload, water down, and dilute the third party recruiting space.  If building recruiting sites is this easy, how will you, the GREAT third party recruiters be able to differentiate yourselves so corporate recruiters know who to work with?   

Build Your Own Recruiter Site - Free


There is a difference between GREAT third party recruiters and all the others out there.  In my experience I have only met a couple, which means there is an uphill battle to be fought.  ZipSites might be making that battle even tougher.

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Comment by Sandra McCartt on August 22, 2011 at 1:12pm

This would presuppose that all it takes to be a recruiter is build a website and that everything one sees on the internet is real.

I would suggest that most clients do not pick their third party recruiters by doing a google search for recruiter and looking at a web site.  While all the wannabes who think that anybody can be a recruiter by building a website and saying they are one are doing just that.  Good TPR's will continue to march doing what we do answering questions like, "How many people have you place in this kind of role in the past three years?"  "Would you provide a reference from someone you have worked with in the past that we may check?"


Those questions being asked and answered will take care of the noise and all the websites that anyone can build.  Short answer.  A website does not a recruiter make and 99% of clients know that.

Comment by Kirby Cole on August 22, 2011 at 2:31pm
@Sandra - No presupposition...no where did I say a site it all it takes. I simply meant that with easy access to building sites like this it lowers the barrier of entry for "wannabes". I agree with most of your message Sandra, but for one thing. As a recruiter, experienced as TPR and Corporate, I google everything. I google every candidate I speak with, every company(most companies) the candidates have worked for, and yes, even the TPR's who cold call me. While I agree a website does not a recruiter make, it does tell a lot about a company and a recruiter. My point was simply this; more noise is not a good thing for the GREAT TPR's. The challenge for all Corporate recruiters is sifting through the noise to find the GREAT TPR's.
Comment by lisa rokusek on August 22, 2011 at 2:44pm
Yeah, but there have always been wannabe web site kits or people who can build them for an aspiring business person on the cheap.

ZipRecruiter is just trying to cash in on the folks who see recruiting as a great gig for independents (it is, if you are good) but you still have to bring the juice. You are right in that this will make it easier for people to set up shop, but it won't make it any easier to make a living day in and out.

This business is still not for the faint of heart, even with a handy dandy web site.
Comment by Sandra McCartt on August 22, 2011 at 3:00pm

The barrier for entry has always been low Kirby.  It's the barrier for staying in the business and as Lisa says bringing the juice that is high.


I google everything too but normally ,as you indicate, after the call or the contact.  what i meant was if a client is looking for a good TPR they don't normally just google the word recruiter.  I think they ask other contacts or reach out to recruiters who have connected with them in the past and made a decent impression.  Everybody with a desk and telephone used to think they were a recruiter.  There has always been a lot of noise and there always will be but it has been my experience that corporate recruiters are pretty savvy about noise.  Or should i say a sound and fury signifying nothing.  :)

Not sure i agree that a website tells a lot about a company or a recruiter.  I think it may tell a lot about the web designer but there has always been smoke and mirrors.



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