I've always wanted to make a career of writing. Recruiting is something I got into after college because nobody wants an English Lit major to write for them unless they've already written something that's been published but nobody seems to want to publish your stuff unless you've been published (the ole Catch 22.) My first real job after college (after a brief bought of delivering pizzas--long story) was as a project manager for a sign and lighting maintenance company. Consequently, I know more about ballasts and transformers than a girl needs to know and that's also where I grew my business balls (pardon my language.) That job forced me to argue my case and wheel and deal with lighting techs over EVERY PENNY, thanks to my shrewed, penny-pinching boss who was quite liberal with a red pen on incoming invoices. It helped me become more sure of myself and taught me that I have good business sense. I digress.

After working as a Project Manager for about a year I made the biggest career mistake ever and worked for one of those fly-by-night B2B outside sales companies peddling make-up and other crap on the street on 100% commission (of course, they neglected to tell me the commission part and just told me I would be making "about $450/wk" until I made it to a manager position and then I would be taking home $800/wk--and all this could happen in 6 months!) I was young and eager and $800/wk take-home sounded GREAT. The office closed up and move 75 miles away after 3 months.

Finally I decided to get into recruiting and I've been doing that ever since but writing is still my passion. Anyhow...all of this is to explain that I am thinking of pitching a blog aimed towards candidates to my boss. It would love to combine recruiting and writing and I've been trying to figure out where I could get articles published for job seekers to help them write a good resume, do a good interview, etc. Then the blog idea occurred to me! This is where you guys come in. Does anybody have any good stats or sources to help build my case about how a blog could help our recruiting business? I would really appreciate the info. Thanks!

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Comment by See_Jane_Recruit on March 17, 2009 at 2:05pm
In case anyone is interested, I pitched the blog idea to my boss today and he loves it. I'm going to work on job seeker/candidate focused blogs this weekend!


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