In a previous post (Want to become a successful CFO?...) I discussed how I love to follow business. For the longest time I've said that business is my sports.

That is not to say I don't have a favorite sports team (Go Habs) or mourn for the nostalgia of what could have been (R.I.P. Expos), it's just that if sports was not a part of my life, it wouldn't be a great loss.

I do follow business like some people follow sports. I read the business section religiously. I keep on top of how my favorite businesses are doing this season. At lunch with business friends, I share business strategies that firms would be following if I was the head coach. I mean CEO.

Some people are Monday Morning Quarterbacks. I'm an Office Chair CEO the day after quarterly results come out.

Just like pro sports have player agents, I'm a CFO agent. Well, I'm more of a talent scout, because I work for the company, not the CFO. Actually, I'm more like a freelance talent scout, because I don't work for one team. I mean one company.

I don't work alone. My team is critical and crucial to ensure that we have access to the right CFO talent. Our talent scout agency does the necessary work upfront so that when teams need a star CFO with excellent financial and interpersonal skills, we have access to those stars and the ability to close the deals.

Yes, we get paid big bucks for this.

Do you know why? We're worth it!

Quoting Jerry McGuire (in a loud, bold voice): "Show me the money!"

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