Business nutrition - you are what you eat

Thinking about how people make hiring decision, specifically why people choose different methods of hiring. I wanted to link it to a decision people make every day. From here on you will have bear with me as I stretch an analogy beyond all recognition.

Essentially, I believe the decision to hire is very similar to choosing what to do when you get hungry!

As an organisation becomes hungry i.e. it needs more people or to recruit as we call it in the industry, it is broadly faced by 3 options.

Firstly, if you are very busy and don't think you have the time to spend preparing your own food, you can go out and eat at restaurants (recruitment companies), as with all of these things there are different options. Recently, there has been a huge increase in the popularity of fast food.

In a lot of ways 'fast food' restaurants resemble the plethora 'spray and pray' recruitment agencies that can quickly produce CV from their database. The great thing about fast food is it takes very little effort on your part, and you can get quick results, fairly cheap. An immediate fix you might think! Unfortunately, fast food isn't that healthy, the staff in fast food restaurants are more focused on volume than quality, and if you eat too much fast food it can get very unhealthy. For those who don't believe you need to watch 'Super Size Me'.

But what if it is a really important meal (hire) like your birthday for example, you wouldn't go to 'Joe Bloggs' recruitment for that, the quality of food wouldn't be good enough. You'd probably go to a high end restaurant with a prestigious reputation. The restaurant equivalent of an executive search company you might say (see where I'm going with this). This is where you would go to get some quality food. There are plenty of good high restaurants out there, but the problem is they can be hellishly expensive! And often it seems you don't get that much for your money...

So, fast food is unhealthy, top-end restaurants are expensive and can be disappointing... what is hungry organisation supposed to do.

Well, the most healthy option is to prepare your own meals, the problem with this is that everybody always claims that they haven't got the time, or it is so much easy to eat out.

And the truth is they are right, for most organisations preparing their own meals (or direct recruitment) can be time consuming to start with, and it will be difficult to start with, there may even be one or two disasters as you learn the ropes.

But if you stick at it, buy some recipe books from top chefs, get some top quality cooking utensils then you can really good at it. You can prepare healthy meals, quickly and effectively. Surely this has to be the future.

"So, where does Chemistry fit in to all this then?" I hear you cry, I haven't quite cracked that bit yet...Gordon Ramsey maybe ;-)

Okay, that's it, analogy over - breathe!

Congratulations if you made it here


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Comment by Chris Hood on January 12, 2010 at 9:07am
If you want to kick this up a notch in to the realm of maddening analogy - watch "Food Inc." The information in this movie - specifically the notion that 3 companies essentially control the food production and distribution function globally really gives you pause to think about how the most important commodities in our lives are looked upon.

Take the example regarding a chicken. A normal, free range bird should grow to a size worthy of becoming "food" in 70 or so days. With all of the genetic modification and enhanced (synthetic/processed) diets, they can grow a chicken to be almost double the size of a natural one in 45 +/- days. The chicken may look like chicken, but its chalk full of processed corn, antibiotics and other unknown things that will have long-term effects on our health and society.


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